Your Child Needs help to Overcome Negative Character


Your Child Needs help to Overcome Negative Character


By: Yomi Adewale

Revelation 21:7-8 KJV He that overcome shall inherit all things; and I will be his God and he shall be my son; But the fearful and unbelieving and the abominable and murderers and whoremongers and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone which is the second death

Negative character comes in different form and raises its ugly heads at many stages of children’s lives in their growing up years, as Parents you need to identify those negative attitudes early before it becomes an addicted habit to the child, most Parents get embarrassed when a child behaves in a way that society frowns at and they see it as their own failure. Negative characters like Stealing, Selfishness, Lying, Fighting, Abusing, Laziness, Procrastination, display of hot temper, sadness, moodiness, etc are dangerous exhibitions in the life of a child you are grooming for a great future.

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To help the child you need to identify the specific negative character peculiar to the child this can be done through:

  • OBSERVATION: You need to be conscious of what the child is doing per time, letting the child to be alone most of the time is not good enough especially at early stage of life
  • STUDY: You must be able to study your child to know changes in body language, stammering, fidgeting, avoiding eye contact e.t.c Then you need to engage in further study on how the child imbibed the character may be through you the parent and get knowledge about the way out.
  • SENSITIVITY: Be sensitive to spot the character that is negative and deal with it do not postpone it so that it would not have become strong hold before you start thinking of uprooting it
  • TAKE RESPONSIBILITY: Do not shy away from the problem, do not cover up for the child, be bold enough to act as Parents in the situation even if it an outsider that points it out to you.


  • PRAY: There is no issue that is two small or too big for God to pray about, present the matter to the Creator who has ability to re-create and intercede intensely for your children.
  • DISCUSS: Speak with the child about your observation, it could be good to have a day specially for each child tag “A DAY WITH MUMMY AND DADDY” whereby the child could discuss anything with you and have private time with you.
  • DEFINITE APPROACH: Define way to help the child, agree by both as may be required, let there be consequences of wrong done or good thing done. It will help if the child knows that what is agreed by him and the Parent is documented and can be brought out when defaulted.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Let the child be accountable to you, let him have the knowledge that there is authority over him, a child that fears his parent will not find it difficult to fear God and obey authority. For example, beating of his younger ones should not just be whenever he feels like.
  • APPRECIATION: When the child changes for the better please appreciate him/her, do not overlook it
  • NEVER GIVE UP: Do not give up even when you have not seen changes you desire in your child
  • EXEMPLARY LIFE: Live by example because our children need to be tutored and packaged for greatness in the future, children pick a lot from their parents and guardians.
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Every negative character in me or my spouse been displayed by my children I uproot in Jesus Name

Father negative behavior planted and transferred into my children through the negative influence of the society, school, media and association be uprooted in the Name of Jesus

Lord thank you for helping me to raise responsible, excellent and outstanding children in Jesus name