It was past 11 and Taga was beside herself with worry. Amara is not showing up neither was she picking her call, she smiled yet to another person. “am sorry sir, perhaps you come back later’ I can’t reach miss peters’ the man had waited for more than twenty minutes. and he wasn’t even the third person she had discard this morning, the murmured something and stood up. Please sir I will call you when she comes, am sorry for the delays, Taga said hastily. and the man nodded and left.

Where are you boss” she dialed Amara number for the 67th time, the head of the PR poked her head. have you been able to reach her? she asked.

Taga shook her head, I don’t know what is going on, please can you help me out here? I want to go to her house and check if she’s okay, she said to Aminat.

Yes Aminat nodded, we are all worried, she hardly comes late. maybe I should go I don’t have much thing to do.

What’s going on here”?

Taga lifted her head to see maxwell approaching, with a frown. this is the first time she had seen him frown” is everything alright? He asked for the second time, tags hesitated before responding.

actually it Ara… I mean miss Ara, we haven’t seen her at all today and I have called her endlessly. she isn’t picking up and we are all worried.

Max frown deepened.

“Am going to her house now to check f she is ok. Oh my God I hope nothing happened to her.

It fine Max said , let me go to her place, you can stay here.

No sir, let me go with you. you might need help or something taga insisted.

Yes sir she would go with you, Aminat said and then turn to taga I would take care of here. please call me immediately in case you find out anything.

Maxwell nodded and turn instantly, taga grabbed her phone and followed him dialing Amara number as they went.

Taga had lost count of how many things she had dialed the number and to make the matter worst now, the number where no longer going through . what now, she groaned angrily to her phone.

Maxwell turned his head towards her direction, taking his eyes off the road briefly” what is it?

Taga shook her head and dropped the phone her lines are no longer going through she sighed, I don’t know what to make of this”

Maxwell turned his eyes back to the road, his mouth drawing a tin line” we would get to her house soon her phone probably got lost or something just like he was trying to convince her and himself as well.

Taga looked at him, she couldn’t have gotten lost with her phone, could she? I know that something is wrong some where.

Maxwell swallowed hard, holding his steering very hard, he still doesn’t know what he feel for Amara but one thing is certain . that it would hurt badly if any thing happens to her. he spotted the house he dropped her few days ago and stopped his car.


Taga couldn’t wait for him to park well she jumped out entering the compound hastily. max followed her. he immediately spotted Amara car in the compound and his fear increased, unwanted thought entered his head, could she be sick? did she fall and hit her head on the floor…. he put an end to the evil thought in his head.

Boss taga said as they got to her apartment. max stood nervously behind her, as taga knocked over and over again. she tried the handle and it was locked.”Boss taga called again , her voice raising with fear. it was obvious that no one was in the compound if not, some would had surface due to raga high pitched voice loud enough to wake up the dead. Max patient seems to have expired, move aside he ordered, gently shoving taga away. before taga could fully get what his intention are his legs flashed out hitting the door.

You can’t break down the door the Nigeria police are not that understanding.

Maxwell wasn’t in the mood to answer that the fear that something bad had happened to Amara had ate him up, he gathered all his strength and hit the door again but that wasn’t enough to break it open, after two more hit the door broke free, now the muscle he had gathered in the gym had paid off, but that didn’t stop his leg from paining him. he pushed away the pains marching into the apartment like an inspector general, he couldn’t tell the one he fears most finding Amara inside the house or not finding her, right now he would prefer the latter because of all the noise if she is inside she would be out by now. Only one thing would stop her from responding and that thing he doesn’t want to think about it.

Taga followed closely as if scared of what she might see, should she come forward.
Amara he shouted, tension eating him up, expect she was under the chair in the sitting room because she was not in site, they checked the kitchen, the dinning she wasn’t there.

Taga looked at the bedroom door covered with curtain, and she fearfully said, do you think she might be there?

Max walked towards the door”

wait Taga said, let me go she might be indisposed.

Maxwell didn’t listen to her he opened the door only to find it empty too.

Taga ran into the bathroom and it was empty as well.

what’s going on she lamented bending to pick up the clothes on the floor they were wet and sandy too, she wore this clothes yesterday to work.

she might have been in the rain maxwell reasoned.

Taga picked up Amara’s phone from the bed and hissed she isn’t with her phone too and she felt like hitting the phone on the ties. my boss isn’t someone who is untidy does it mean that Rapture had taken place and I have been left behind?

maxwell groaned aloud woman, this is no time to joke around.


this is no joke sir, only rapture would explain her disappearance and her clothes where on the floor, no kidnapper would have kidnapped her naked, would they? she grabbed Maxwell hands and shouted OH LORD” I have been left behind.

He took all his might not to hiss at her, ” am pretty sure one of my staff would be searching for me if really rapture had taken place he responded, and turn on his heels. what I want you to tell me now is where she might be. where she goes often” he put his hands on his jerry curl, which ran silky through his fingers.

“Oh” Taga gaps I should have thought of that, she recently started visiting a friend in the hospital her name is Tina, she takes care of Ara p catering service, my boss never told me what’s wrong with her but she visits her all the time.

Take me there max said instantly.

Tina cried out in pains as the pains became unbearable, eating into her senses.

I really should call the doctor” Aisha said worriedly.

Tina shook her head, she was already tired of the constant visit of doctor examining her, each stay in the hospital remind her of the increasing bills” no don’t call the doctor just go home and rest Aisha u look tired. Tina said out in pains.

I can’t leave you” she said, I will get the doctor with or without your approval. Aisha ran out of the room.

Tina concentrated breath, but it didn’t stop the pains she was having, instead the pains increased. she couldn’t stop it from showing out in her face, she was used to not letting people worry over her, she couldn’t stand it when people are running from pillar to post because of her. the door opened she instantly closed her eyes, not ready to face any inspection and examination of the doctor, she signed with her eyes closed still waiting for the doctor to ask her questions. do your worst she murmured , but when she didn’t hear any response she opened her eyes.

All the thought of pains vanished from Tina’s mind and her mouth was just opened. the human looming over her can not be from this planet earth! she widen her eyes as traveled from his head to his handsome face. oh that face is enough to make a woman swoon. a slow sexy smile crept his face, and when Tina thought he couldn’t get more handsome, he became breath taking. her breath caught in her throat and she whimpered.
am I dead?

Maxwell smile widen, thank God you are not he murmured, Tina’s awed gaze had left him feeling more handsome than he already was. it was probably because how she openly looked at him not hiding under any shyness as most ladies do when they come across him. for someone who was bedridden. the lady before him though not the most beautiful he had ever seen, had this beautify he couldn’t explain, had this face that could easily be imprinted in the mind of men.


for one second I thought I was in heaven, Tina answered still looking at him, her eyes traveled to his chest then lingered then back to his face, are you the new doctor? I could get use to seeing your face” she broke into a small smile.

Maxwell stared at her not knowing what to respond to her, for the first time, woman had always been speechless around him, not the other way round, so why was he just looking at this one not knowing what to say.

he his not a nurse said looking amused, for the first time Tina noticed the other people in the room, there was a nurse she see often and beside the handsome man was Taga, Amara secretary and she frowned.

Taga spoke out before she could voice out her question, good day miss Tina” I hope you are feeling better” she said with a smile, although behind that smile there was deep worry.

Am getting better, Tina said lying then looking at the man before him and wondered who he was.

Remembering him self, Maxwell spoke up, pardon my disgraceful manner miss” am maxwell.

Her eyes widened, Babs? maxwell babs? you where Amara blind date right?

He laughed, am I right to say you were the one behind the mischief, the woman was just full of of surprise, miss Tina he remembered.

I surely am, why didn’t I go on the blind date myself, she said with a frown. maxwell smiled and she shifted uncomfortable beside him.

Am sorry to disturb you , have you seen miss Peter’s today?

Tina looked at him with a frown and said she slept here with me last night and left early this morning to prepare for work, what is wrong isn’t she at work.

No, she isn’t at home either her car us there and her phone is there.

am sure it nothing to worry about maxwell said the moment he saw Tina cried out in pain. am sure she’s fine may be she rushed out to somewhere. you need to rest we shouldn’t have bothered you.

am not a puppet I have been resting all this while, when Amara came here yesterday she looked worried about something and she couldn’t tell what was wrong, then she kept calling Kelvin but his number wasn’t going thru

maxwell frowned, who is this Kelvin to her he asked quietly.

oh they had been close, they had been friends for years she answered, she didn’t notice the change in Maxwell expression. She was worried about him may something happened to him and she rushed to help him. or she went in search for him.

maxwell nodded briefly, I just hope she’s fine.


Watch out for the next episode