10 Things Your Husband Hates


10 Things Your Husband Hates

10 Things Your Husband Hates

-By Oba Samuel

Certain things can cause fighting and in-fighting between husband and wife which could lead into turbulent marriage especially when the wife does not know what her husband hate. You can put an end to constant quarrel in your marriage if every wife can know what their husband hate and avoid them.

1.He Hates To Be Corrected: As a wife ,know that most men don’t like to be corrected because they believed that they know everything and it is their right to teach their wife and all others. You will be pressing his anger button whenever you sound like a teacher trying to correct him.Even if he is wrong, you will have to apply wisdom and humility to make him yield to your advice.

2.Public Embarrasment :No husband like to be ridiculed outside.He may make mistakes in the public but he does not want his wife to rebuke him openly.Likewise he detest it when his wife disobey him publicly. Even If your husband is a weakling at home;he want to be seen as a man in-charge when in the public glare.

3.Hates To Be Welcome With Issues:Men don’t like it when you confront them with all the issues that have been bothering you without even allowing him to sit down,get refreshed  and eat. To a husband ,this is a big pressure which they don’t really like.All husband want to welcomed warmly with a hug,kiss ,peaceful and a conducive environment.You might have been so bothered about the issues waiting for his arrival,but you need to be matured a bit and welcome him back home with a loving smile and good facial expression.

4.When You Compare Him To Your Father:Certain women may be fortunate to be raised by a godly and goodly father who is a portrait of who a real father should be.Wives in this category often expect too much from their husbands thereby comparing him with their fathers.Such comparison normally gets the man angry and bring out the worst in him.Please,note that we have different upbringing;so don’t expect your husband to behave exactly like your father.Celebrate his uniqueness and overlook his weakness.

5.When You Want Him To Be A Mind Reader:This have caused so many issues between couples and the wife often echo statements like ‘’that means he doesn’t love,he is not having me in mind.Must I tell him everything?’’ please,stop assuming;men are not mind readers.Help the flow of love by informing him of what is expected of him.

6.When You Treat Him Like A Child: Don’t allow motherly role get into your head to the extent that you will not be able to differentiate between your husband and the children. You have the right to correct your children if they fail to do the right thing at home but you must not rebuke your husband like your child,he is not.Giving him his due respect at all times.and don’t talk to him as if you are talking to your child.

7.Hate it When You Disturb His Sleep: After the day’s work;husbands are always looking for a resting place where their sleep will not be disturbed.Men don’t like it when you wake them up in the middle of sleep.If you must disscuss with your husbsnd,let it be before fall he sleep off

8.When You Give Him Silent Treatment: It is a grave error for you to allow avoidance and silent treatment for your husband. This will destroy affection and friendliness in your marriage.If there is any problem;talk about it and address it quickly.

9.When You Dress Badly:Men love to have a very beautiful wife.When you dress badly with dirty,rough and oversized clothes;your husband will detest you and due to this,he can easily fall into the hands of ladies that dress better.Don’t be caught dressing unattractive.

10.He hates It When You Deny Him Sex: Men generally love sex and your husband is one of them.So when you deny him sex,you make him feel bad, unwanted and full of anger. His anger can bring tension into the house and he can also transfer his aggression on the children as well.Stop denying him sex and don’t use sex as a weapon of punishment to him.Make up your mind to satisfy your husband sexually and he will make the home peaceful.

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