10 Secrets Every Wife Should Know About Their Husband

10 Secrets Every Wife Should Know About Their Husband
10 Secrets Every Wife Should Know About Their Husband

10 Secrets Every Wife Should Know About Their Husband

-By Oba Samuel

Most wives in marriage find it so difficult to understand their husbands and due to this lack of knowledge about men in full dose, they often find it hard to live in harmony with them. If your desire is to enjoy the love of your husband and be at peace with him, then you need to know these secret about your husband in order to know how to relate with him. 10 Secrets Every Wife Should Know About Their Husband

  1. He Has His Own Fear: Men look confident, bold and fearless most times and this make wives erroneously belief that they fear nothing. No! They have a lot of insecurities that stir fear in them. They are afraid of under-performing or failure in business, career, ministry and sexually. Although they will want to pretend as if all is well. As a wife, your words of encouragement and demonstration of your trust in his ability will give him all the confidence needed to excel.10 Secrets Every Wife Should Know About Their Husband
  2. Men Hold Respect in High Esteem: Respect to a man is all he wants in his wife. Every man want to be respected by their wives. Husbands want to have the feeling that their wife respect and honour them in the open and privately regardless of their age, stature or social status. He may not be able to tell you this verbally but there is a craving in him for it.
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3.The major fear of a man is finance: Men has so many fears but the major one is financial lack.This is so because, a man belief that he needs financial power to command respect before his wife and children, he needs financial power to provide for his family, to get his wife’s response to his sexual demands. He need enough money to earn his social status. That is why men can go to any length to make money while lack of it may give him psychological and mental defeat. 10 Secrets Every Wife Should Know About Their Husband

  1. His level of anger is a response to disrespectful attitude of His Wife: Once loving and peaceful husband may suddenly become hostile full of anger. Most of the time when a husband is demonstrating too much anger at home; it is a sign that he is trying to enforce his authority as a man, making a point to the wife that he is in- charge .He raise his voice so as to curtail the excesses and the disrespectful nature of the wife. To put out unnecessary anger out of your husband, respect his words, opinions, instructions and leadership at home. Even if his decision is wrong, don’t object him rudely, approach him with respect.
  2. Family Provision Often Bothers Them: Every husband is not just bothered about his job alone; he is more bothered about how to meet his family’s needs. The worry that engulfs his heart daily is how to put food on the table for his family, clothe them, provide school fees for the children and accommodation. How to pay all these bills are the thoughts that often troubled him which most wives does not know. So, having many bills to pay while the account is in red can make feel sad and hostile at times.10 Secrets Every Wife Should Know About Their Husband
  3. Sexual Rejection By His Wife Affects Him: Men love to have sex at will and rejection from their wife is beyond sexual denial. Wives’ sexual rejection affect the husbands performance at work and in ministry. It kill his joy, creativity, affect his level of concentration and confidence. This also open him up to sexual temptation which he can easily fall for.10 Secrets Every Wife Should Know About Their Husband

Wives, go extra-mile to satisfy your husband sexually and if there is a genuine reason for it ;give him a promise of better performance for another day and keep to your promise.

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  1. They Want More Sex: Wives find it difficult to know why husbands demand for more sex while most wives mind is preoccupied with other things. Men were wired with high libido which make the crave for sex regularly. The oxytocin in men only keep short memory of sexual intercourse and this pump their urge for another sexual intercourse. Secure your marriage; make up your mind to give your husband more sex because a man with unfulfilled libido is open to sexual temptation.
  2. Men Face Sexual Temptation Daily: Everyday pose a lot of threat to men as they are faced with sexual temptation. The fact that men are visual in nature exposes them to all kinds of temptation and the style of dressing by most girls which they expose their breast, pants and almost naked open men to a lot of temptation which they cannot tell their wife. This amount to one of the reasons they demand for more sex.
  3. They are concerned about their wife’s Appearance: Larger percent of husbands were concerned about what their wives wear. Men want their wives to dress cute putting on the best to look good and beautiful. A well-dressed wife is pride to the husband while badly dressed one is repulsive to him. Take care of your hair, stature, face and always appear beautiful.
  4. He can open up to you: Wives complain that their husband is secretive. The truth is he can open up to you but he must find out first if you are trustworthy and you must have control over your mouth to keep secrets. If he cannot trust you, he can confide in you. Men are always careful of who they confide in because they don’t want to be back stabbed.
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Be open in all things and earn your trust before your husband.

Oba Samuel is a marriage and relationship counselor. Connect me on twitter @PastorOba