Two Major Problems of Marriage

Two Major Problems of Marriage
Two Major Problems of Marriage

Two Major Problems of Marriage

Marriage problems are many but the major two comprises of money and sex.These two can wreck the boat of any marriage if not addressed quickly.So ,take note as you read these points written Karlene Smith on below: Two Major Problems of Marriage

I am not saying you have to be a millionaire or the world’s greatest lover, but when each person has a job or profession and raising some form of income then it will go a lot further than if the burden of the bills, household and personal necessities fall on the back of just one spouse. At times however, it is the decision of the couple for one to stay home, probably to take care of the kids, and the other work, that is different, that decision is a consensus.Two Major Problems of Marriage

It is surprising to note how an argument can occur because of lack of money to buy grocery or pay bills. Uncomfortable living conditions spurs arguments and arguments may cause couples to decide to communicate less which leads to broken marriage.

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Sex; exciting, pleasurable, yet too much or too little of it in a marriage may lead to problems between the couple. Many times one partner will for some reason, want to withhold sex, probably as a means of getting back or punishing the other. In my opinion, withholding sex is just as bad or may be even worse than terrible sex. Your partner will feel cheated, and may resort to alternatives which can destroy a marriage. Two Major Problems of Marriage

Too much sex on the other hand can do the same damage. When two persons decide to get married, the topic of sex must be on your list of important conversations, where you discuss your likes and dislikes and yes, the frequency. This does not say that the range you agreed on initially has to remain the same throughout your life, what it does is it gives an idea of your partner’s comfort level. Two Major Problems of Marriage

When one begins to move out of this comfort zone and the other is not willing to do the same, then he/she may start to feel pressured and a conflict will arise. If such a conflict is left unresolved, it can cause a broken marriage.


Marriage is a beautiful thing, and the rate of divorce in our society today has been on the rise, unfortunately many persons are turned off due to this. The next time, you and your special person are having “the talk” make sure that money and sex are two of your hot topics for discussion. If you are already married, then it is never too late to visit these topics in your next alone time.