Building A Functional Christian Home

Building A Functional Christian Home
Building A Functional Christian Home

Building A Functional Christian Home


  • By Oba Samuel

There are lots of home of Christians that is not functioning well these days. This is so because they lack the biblical ingredients for building a working marriage. Building A Functional Christian Home

Nothing will be different in a Christian marriage except that they follow the Word of God as a guide in running their marriage. Without which it will end like the marriage of unbelievers.

  1. Have Deep Relationship with Christ- It is a must for the couples to be true bornagain Christians living in righteousness and striving to walk with God daily.The Bible must be their guide and holiness their way of life. It is commitment to God that will make God get committed to your home. Psalm 127:1   Building A Functional Christian Home
  2. Leaving and Cleaving Is A Must- If you can not detached from your parents and their house, you can not attach to your spouse in totality. Psalm 45:10

3.Self Control;There is always temptation to act in a negative way which will affect ones marriage adversely but the solution to this is self control and you have self control without having relationship with the Holy spirit because self control is one of the fruits of the Spirit.Prov 25:28,Prov.21:9,Prov.23:1-3.Prov.22:24 Building A Functional Christian Home

4.Positive Communication:Christian marriage should be free from negative statements like ‘’fool,idiot,bastard,bitch,I miss-married,etc even when angry. Make use of marriage building words like ‘’please,I am sorry,I love you,you are the best,among others.Eph 4:29-30

5.Keep Building Trust-Trust is vital in building a great marriage.To build trust required that both parties continue to be open in all things and avoid attitudes that can bring suspicion and eventually erode the trust.e.g secrecy,lying,half truth,unusual closeness to an opposite sex,suspicious movement,pass-wording of phones,dark secrets,etc Gen 2;25

6.Keep Nurturing Friendship-Rich friendship between husband and wife will help their marriage to be rich in love and affection.Friendliness will help them to talk,play,pray and enjoy each other’s company.Prov.18:24 Building A Functional Christian Home

7.Commitment-Total commitment to one’s spouse and the marriage will help a home stand.This help you to stay married and manage other things like your job,career,ministry which may affect your marriage.

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8 Follow Biblical Authority: If marriage must function well, Biblical order must be obeyed. That is, having the husband as the head and he must love his wife unconditionally while the wife must submit to her husband regardless of her academic qualification or status in the society.Building A Functional Christian Home

Also,the man must make adequate provision for his family needs while the wife should support.Prov.27;27

 9.Acquire Wisdom-Prov.23:23.1King 5:3,7-9

Through Holy spirit,read books,get messages,attend marriage seminars and couples’ conferences

10.Raise Godly Children-(Deuteronomy 6:6,7). (Psalm 127:3- 5).Children are  blessing to the home, and we must certainly acknowledge that godly,good and great children make  couples happier. Christian parents should not succumb to the negative pressures of the society but they should raise their Children with Biblical standard.

11.Fulfilling Sex& Fidelity.Prov.23:27.Prov.5;15-20,Prov.6;26-27

Husband and wife must strive to satisfy themselves sexually,exploring one another’s body for better improvement and enjoyment.All sex should be within the four wall of marriage and none of them should hunt for sex elsewhere.

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Oba Samuel is a Marriage and relationship counsellor. Connect me on twitter@PastorOba