10 Important things every man should know how to do before marriage


10 Things every man should know how to do before marriage

10 Important things every man should know how to do before marriage

Bisi Adewale

There are many things a An should know how to do before he gets Married,let me mention some of them here:
1) NURTURE A PREGNANT WOMAN: You expect your wife to become pregnant after your wedding? but how much do you know about pregnancy and pregnant women apart form the fat that their tummy is usually big and protruding. Every Man going to the altar should learn how to care for pregnant women and have better Knowledge of pregnancy.
2) KNOW HOW TO COOK: A good Man should know how to cook basic food at home. You should not be waiting for your wife if you are home before her,learn to do something in the kitchen.
3) DO A LULLABY: Playing with a new born baby will need you singing and dancing for the new born,have you learnt this?
4) LOVE A WOMAN THE WAY SHE WANT TO BE LOVED: Marriage need more than Romantic love,it needs authentic love. You need to learn how to be an authentic lover and love your wife the way she want to be loved.
5) KNOW HOW TO FORGIVE: Your wife will hurt you,you will hurt her,no matter how much you love each other now. So learn the attitude of forgiveness before you go into marriage.
6) OPERATE HOME MACHINES: A Good Man should know how to operate “home machines” like Microwave oven,dish washers,gas cookers,stoves,Electric cookers,Laundry Machines etc
7) FIX HOME APPLIANCES: Every man should know how to fix simple home appliances such toilet problems,electrical sockets,electronic issues,light bulbs, make generator work,change generator plug, helping with gas cooker issues etc.
8) KNOW HOW TO DRIVE: Every man should learn how to drive, not having a car is not an excuse,do not wait until you have your own car,learn how to drive both manual and automatic transmission cars. It will help your family greatly,make you look more responsible,avoids accidents when you buy yours,encourages your wife to learn how to drive and can be very useful to your family in event of emergency.
9) PERFORM BASIC FIRST AID: Performing basic first aid can save life and You don’t have to be a doctor,nurse or health care providers to know how to do this for yourselves and people around you.
10) CARRY A BABY: Every man dream to become a father one day,if you are one of them,then you should learn how to carry a baby. you can help your spouse with the baby. It is not just a woman business,the Child is yours.

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