Promoting Marriage Companionship


Promoting Marriage Companionship

Promoting Marriage Companionship

Companionship is a thing that spouses must deliberately work at, without it drifting will set in. So to avoid drifting in marriage, companionship must be consciously be promoted. There are several ways to promote companionship in marriage.

1.Accept your spouse as he or she is.

2.Seek to understand and accept God’s view of marriage

3.Take pleasure in the company of each other.

4.Create time to be together

5.Be proud of each other in the public

6.Doing things together. Play, pray, plan,

bath, travel, sleep and eat together

7.Have respect for your marriage vows

8.Appreciate each other’s uniqueness

9.Apologize when you are wrong

10.Cultivate the habit of touching your

spouse when you are talking together.

11.Express love verbally and in concrete

terms like giving gifts.

12.Celebrate special days like birthday

and wedding anniversary day.

13.Complement each other (1 Pet. 3:8).

14.Never deny each other sexual


15.Cut down outings and create time to be


at home together.

16.Be a good listener.

17.Place value on your spouse.

18.Create time to fellowship together.

19.Read good marriage books together

(Prov. 23:23).

20.Attend marriage seminars together.

21.Direct all your sexual fantasies and

desires towards your spouse.

22.Use positive words. Never abuse, blame,

criticizes or condemn. (1 Pet 2:1).

23.Think positively about things together.
24.Enjoy your stay together.

25.Be humorous; crack jokes and laugh. Let

God enjoy your home.

26.Hug generously.Promoting Marriage Companionship



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