Family Money Matters

Ten Ways To Improve Financial Intimacy In Marriage
Ten Ways To Improve Financial Intimacy In Marriage

Family Money Matters
-Bisi Adewale

Our families are very important to us and no man or woman will be happy seeing his or her family in shambles. There is something about family life that is so strong which the Lord saw and decided to make people live within a family setting.

Money on the other hand is very important; it is an important aspect of family life that determines the level of leisure and luxury which family members will enjoy. It also determines to what extent the family will be able to meet the need of its members at all times.

As a family expert, I have come to realize that money is one of the three major causes of crisis in the home. I also discovered that any couple that can handle it rightly will truly have a better marriage. Counseling couples who are fighting financial war is always difficult when compared to counseling couples who are having sexual problem because their argument always involve their ego, selfishness, passion, fear, suspicion, bitterness, lack of trust, wrong communication and occasionally open brawl which always result to family crises.

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Money can work ‘FOR’ or ‘AGAINST’ your family, depending on how you handle it. It can destroy a very strong family. It can turn jolly friends to sworn-enemies, it can breed enmity and it can also breed intimacy, closeness, fondness, togetherness, and openness. Please be reminded that it is not the money itself but how it is handled. The way you handle money at home may ultimately determine today and tomorrow of your family life.


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