Amara couldn’t do anything but to sit and look at Mrs. Benson who also looked back pensively. Amara wanted her eyes to stop deceiving her but the more she looked the more she sees Mrs. Benson, it was all coincidence that is was just meeting all the ghost from her past or was she suffering from an in revocable curse within a short period of time, she held her steering tightly, after from her birth she was a disgrace on her own. on all the people she never wished to see in her life again her biological mother was on the top of the list, and just like everyone else Mrs. Benson found her way to her door step like everyone else.

Deciding to face her challenge she came down from her car, her fingers where shaking but she made sure she kept it hiding, taking a breath she faced Mrs. Benson.

Amara Mrs Benson called out. her voice where hardly heard, my daughter she said as her eyes roamed over Amara, Mrs. Benson took unsteady step walking towards Amara who stood glued to her car, just looking at the woman who is her mother. the older woman looked too slim to compare Mrs. Benson she knew, her costly dress did not change anything, the way she used to carry herself was no longer there. if Amara hadn’t known better she would swear that this isn’t Mrs. Benson. but then who would deny that voice, even thou it was shaking, who could deny that face even if it was so thin.

She walked towards Amara, my daughter she called out again as she drew near tears running down her eyes, she raised her hand as if to touch Amara then she stopped..
Amara frozen into her car.

have you all made the vow never to let me have peace, Amara said as frown crept her face.

My daughter am sorry, I know that I have hurt you’ am suffering enough please.

“Daughter? you must have mistaken because I have no mother. the only person I considered my mother doesn’t look like u ma’am, she answered with sad look on her face, more tears ran down Mrs. Benson face. Amara walked away from her face. Each steps she takes the more her anger grew.


Please forgive me Amara. am sorry.

Did I not say you should never show your face to me? I don’t need you is that too difficult to understand?.

But I need you my child Katherine cried. we can be there for each other.

Amara laughed bitterly, you need me?,it sounded too funny in her own ear. you are too selfish you never cared what I needed before and now you expect me to care about you? oh please Mrs. Benson I have to many things to deal with kindly see ur self to the gate and never show yourself here again.

I can’t stay away from you Amara you are my daughter she gasped out.

Stop saying that Amara shouted boiling out with rage. am not you daughter and I can never be and what do u mean by saying you can’t stay way from me, you where bold enough to throw me in a garbage remember? not in a thousand years will I ever see you as my mother, then she pointed at the gate and said please leave.

Mrs. Benson started crying, please Amara am sorry and I regretted what I did, she started walking towards Amara who suddenly stepped back.

Sorry doesn’t solve all out problem does it? go and never come back again. my life is on the right track now and I don’t want you to spoil it and please help me relay this massage to your son.

I won’t stop coming to you Mrs. Benson said showing her stubborn said that Amara knew so well because she was equally stubborn. I won’t stop until I have your forgiveness no matter what it takes.

we shall see about that Amara said, won’t we?


Mrs. bell turned and said, Alfred us not your brother
Amara frozed hearing the word for the second time, the senator had an affair with someone over thirty ago, she turned looking at amara who stood shocked, I have been lied to and deceived all thus years she said and walked away.



Precious tried to free her hands but she couldn’t , but instead of freeing her hands from the rope that held her bound it comes more tighter and she stated crying.

The more you struggle the more the rope becomes tighter mr sinja said walking inside the small room he kept Precious, it would be best if u stop struggling.

What else do you want you stinking man, I have told you I am not responsible for the misfortune of your stupid daughter she said . your daughter have too many enemies.

Mr. Sinja shot her a deadly look, if you saw that again I will make sure you spend the rest of your life in jail. Precious looked at him silently. Do you understand me woman he shouted. Precious nodded instantly closing her mouth for good.

Silence gained for some seconds, why were you at her company then.

I have told you before I said I suspected she is having affair with my husband since I traced him to her office three times despite knowing they are related they still carry out their shameful act, I would have taught her a big lesson .

Alfred said Amara isn’t his sister

What Precious shouted.


Precious phone rang Mr. Sinja picked it up, putting it on loud speaker. Becky he said to her.

‘ I need to speak to her she is with my daughter
she said instantly.

Mr. Sinja took the phone walking closer to her, Becky Precious said, angry that Mr. Sinja would be listening to their conversation.

Precious where the hell are you Becky shouted, you need to come back your daughter is very sick.

What is wrong with her Precious said.

Her temperature is so high am rushing her to the hospital now.

What my baby, Precious yelled, nothing must happen to my daughter Precious said trying to sit up.

Don’t you dare shout at me you better bring your sorry a-s here. you and Alfred are the most in responsible parents I have ever seen, you don’t care about your child, I don’t even know why I agreed to keep her in the first place.

” am coming now Becky’ please take care of my daughter, please the phone went dead.


she looked at Mr. Sinja with pleading eyes, please sir let me go, my daughter needs me please.

what sort of mother are you , you left it daughter to chase after a man, you are despicable.

I know that, her mouth tightened. but please release me I need to take care of my daughter.

Mr. Sinja sighed and loosen the rope.

“Amara’ Tina called with frown, it late what are u doing here she asked.

Amara smiled , I came to spend the night with you, after Mrs Benson left Amara couldn’t think of sleeping in her house, especially when she had confirmed that Alfred wasn’t her brother . she had to keep her brain from thinking about it, she just wanted to forget the pains she went thru thinking she had am affair with her brother.

you just left this place, what is wrong?

Amara frowned at Tina, what is wrong with spending the night with you, I told you before that I won’t leave you. she pulled a chair moving closer to her bed and sat down. where is Alisha?

Tina smiled, I finally forced her to go home and have some sleep, but she promised to be back in the morning she’s such a darling Tina said and Amara smiled.

yes she said and granted in pains

are you okay Amara asked standing up, are you hurting??

Tina laughed and the pains fading away, it fine I was just trying adjusting to the bed, I think the kidney is getting worst, she smiled painfully to Amara.

Don’t say that Amara said, you would leave this place soon.

Really? Tina asked, I think I won’t see my company again, I won’t have the opportunity to cook again

shut up Amara shouted, don’t you ever say such ridiculous thing again. you would surely walk out of this hospital with your two legs , don’t be negative now she said crying, what would she do without a friend like Tina, who would come to her rescue even in her foolishness. you can’t afford to give up now, not now at all.


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