Ojo Oluwasegun .A

How do you feel Tina?

Do you really want to know the answer for that? I hate hospitals and it smells like crap.

Amara smiled, if I had continued with my dream of being a doctor, I would be treating you now.

No, you would kill me faster than my decaying kidney because you would cry over me than treating me, Tina said smiling.

Amara frowned at her, am no longer a crying baby.

Tina trace the corner of her cheek that was wet,
off course you are not.

Amara sighed, and raised Tina’s hand, you must be strong, I can’t loose you’ Tina lowered her eyes, look at me, Tina raised her eyes, we will pull through this together Amara said strongly, and Tina nodded.

Am glad to have you here Amara , Tina said”

I would always be by your side Tina, always.

Kelvin paid for the meal and Alisha grabbed the nylon, his phone rang and he looked at the name at the screen before answering, hello sir, he said quietly.

Hi Kelvin, I have her the voice said gently”

Great’ although there are new development.

There was a brief silence on the other end before he spoke again, what is wrong Kelvin?

Amara company had been broken into it doesn’t look like a burglary, the whole place was a complete mess when I got there, even thou she insisted it was okay, I know there where damages. Am not sure if Precious did this but am sure someone inside her company is involved, no lock was broken.

Can.. I come and see the situation of things my self he asked?

Kelvin shook his head as if he was talking with a visible person as Alisha walked ahead of him
into the hospital, that would not be a good idea. Amara freaked out when I subjected you come in, I don’t think it the right time sir.

Mr. sinja breathed into the phone and cleared his throat, OK . I will interrogate Precious to see if she had anything to do with this, I really hope she does if not” it means we are dealing with someone else.

Before sinja could hang up, Kelvin quickly said, I forgot to tell you something yesterday, his voice dropping into a whisper .

Am listening

Alfred went to see Amara yesterday”


what does he want again, Mr sinja voice was very hard now.

A reconciliation I guess, but she told me that he said something like they are not siblings.

that can not be, Mr. Sinja said

Kelvin ran his free hand on his head, that’s my thought also, I have to go now I will call you later to give you feed back.

Please take care of my girl.

Am trying my best sir.

Hours later Amara sat with Kelvin in his car as he drove them back to Ara p, I would have stayed but Taga kept calling informing her about people waiting to see her, until Tina convinced her to go. No one spoke as Kelvin drove, Tina look so small and weak Amara said breaking the silence, I would give her my kidney if it matches.

it would be OK Kevin said, all we need to do is have faith in God and pray her, we shouldn’t show her sad faces it would only depress her, am sure we would soon find a matching kidney soon, we should have faith..

God! faith! Amara said almost laughing, when had that ever worked?

Kelvin looked at her, what happened to u God allowed it for a reason, u shouldn’t be undermining God’s power, Amara didn’t respond until they for to Ara p, Kelvin scanned everywhere and noticing the absent of her car, where is your car he asked.

I didn’t come with it, all the tired where deflated she said coming out of the car.

But you didn’t tell me.

that’s the least of my problems Kelvin, are you not going to your office, you have been receiving calls and I know it from your office, am so sorry for interrupting your day so much and am so grateful for your help.

you can interrupt my day anytime, I would just walk you into your office and be on my way, he put his hands on hers as they walked into the office, as they entered the stare of everyone was too much.

Don’t you think you can let go of my hand,

No Kelvin said smiling, everyone here should know who they are up against if they ever entertained the hope of stealing their boss heart.

Amara frowned, they only see me as their boss nothing more.


Kelvin looked at the guys face as they stared at their joint hands in disappointment, you will be surprise sweetheart.

Kelvin drew Amara into his hands, and placed his mouth close to her ear and said no more date with anyone except me I will be back in the evening to take you home, he smiled and walked away.

Amara dipped the little tiny spoon into the cup of ice cream she scooped it straight into her mouth. even thou she had spent a stressful day with her staff trying fruitlessly to salvage something’s, having dinner with Kelvin was a miracle for her, she was enjoying herself beyond measure and it would be sad for it to end soon. The meal had been stressful and Kelvin had treated her with a cup of ice cream which she couldn’t have enough of. she moaned uhmmm. Lifting her dreaming eyes to Kelvin’s who was looking at her in amusement.

Oh my God Kelvin tell me why I never had the thought of having ice cream?

Kelvin laughed, you where busy running a company.

Amara looked into her cup of ice cream and dipped her spoon and put it into her mouth her eyes turned dreamy again.

Kelvin looked at her mouth he had never been jealous of a spoon before. watching Amara licking her spoon right now made him so, his own cup of ice cream was at his hand dissolving his eyes was just focus on Amara and her ice cream , Amara lifted at his cup and frowned at him.

your ice cream is becoming bored, since u ignored it, her eyes became filled with mischief, something he hadn’t seen in her before not even in her formal life. Why didn’t you take chocolate instead of vanilla , you are missing it,

he frowned, I don’t like chocolate.

she raised her eyes, you don’t know what u are missing, she turned her eyes back to her cup and dipped her spoon back, she seemed to paused, then she lifted her her spoon in the air, she started laughing why don’t you have a taste, Kelvin froze as Amara brought the spoon to his mouth, for the first time Kelvin noticed the people at the eatery as they started looking at them, Amara had obviously forgotten that people where looking at them. Kelvin watch as the spoon was fast approaching his mouth. Open up she said, and dump the spoon inside his mouth before he could say anything. The air stopped around them as they looked at each other. Amara quickly removed the spoon from his mouth and seated back in her chair, she noticed the people looking at them , who seems not to be minding their business. She signed lifting her head and put on a fake smile only to find Kelvin laughing at her.


well, how is it she asked,

Kelvin mouth started working on the ice cream that it seems to be forgotten on his mouth as he swallowed it, his face brightened up, wow it nice and it tasted sweet since it came from your beautiful hands. Although you dropped some on my lip, pls can you verify it.

You must be crazy, and she turned to look around and noticed everyone was back to minding their business.

Kelvin winked at her, com’ n no one us watching.

You would wait forever she grabbing are bag to leave.

awww” sweetheart you wouldn’t leave me in this mess would you?

Amara laughed.

I know you wouldn’t do that Kelvin said.

Amara smiled hating to dare, she leaned over brushing her hand over his lips, but as she wanted to remove her hand Kelvin shocked her by holding her hands. She quickly removed her hand with lightly speed as her heart pounded with speed, she didn’t dare to turn around because people where looking at them.

It taste even better with your finger he whispered, his eyes clouded with unidentified emotion .

I have heard enough Amara said jumping to her feet, taking her bag. Kelvin smiled and pushed to his feet as well, Amara did not wait for him, she walked until she step out of the eatery before she exploded, I could kill you, you know she shouted at him.

Kelvin smiled, I never asked you to feed me.


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