Facts You Must Know About Lust And its Consequences


Bisi Adewale

Facts You Must Know About Lust And its Consequences

LUST – Lust is a burning, passionate and over-powering desire to have sex. It is one of the greatest problems confronting singles. Some singles even lust in churches, even during praise and worship sessions.

Lust is the mother of all sexual sins. It is the broad road to the land of fornication and adultery. In fact nobody can fornicate without firstly being lustful. If a man/woman can handle lust, he or she can handle any other sexual sins. If you are lustful, don’t be surprised to find yourself in physical sexual sin. Lust is known as MENTAL SEX. Many so-called strong brothers and sisters are under its spell, may they be delivered in Jesus name!

Lust is a demonic spirit and always aims to take over control of the human spirit. It operates through DECEPTION and SUGGESTION. It waits all day to take over the mind of a man. Apart from possessing it, it can also oppress and even obsess a man.

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Many wonderful brothers are in the habit of ‘undressing’ a lady in the “laboratory” of their heart. This is what we call lust. What the spirit of lust is saying is: “get lost from the kingdom of God.”

Lust does not respect Pastors, Reverends, Bishops or Evangelist. It operates in anybody that is careless enough to accommodate it.

It promotes unclean action, dirty thoughts, dirty jokes and speeches.

It disorganizes it’s victims who may be religious but certainly not in the Spirit.

It destroys prayer life faster than any other spirit.

It makes you lose focus in life

It waste destinies

It causes delay in getting who to marry

It misleads one in life

It introduce spiritual husband and wife into your life

Facts You Must Know About Lust And its Consequences

Facts You Must Know About Lust And its Consequences


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