Throwback Of Lagos Singles &Married Summit 2016


Throwback Of Lagos Singles &Married Summit 2016

Throwback Of Lagos Singles &Married Summit 2016

Throwback Of Lagos Singles &Married Summit 2016

Have you ever seen a bride on her wedding day? Did you take note of the excitement written all over the face of the newly wed? Or did you ever tried to quantify her joy? Then you will agree with me that there is this immense joy she savours on that day of her glory. Yes, there is this unprecedented joy, which every woman cannot hide on her wedding day.

That is the reason every woman feels on top of the world on her wedding day. The same passion is the reason why every woman looks up to that day and plans specially for it. The groom is also not left out because he is obviously cut in the web of nuptial enthusiasm.

So before the officiating priest and many witnesses, he profusely promised to love and cherish his babe for life, in sickness and in health, in poverty and in plenty, in good times and in bad times till death parts them. Like a fragile precious possession, the groom feeds his wife and gives her wine to demonstrate how he would ‘always’ care and cherish his ‘precious’ wife.

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However, it is puzzling that a few months or is it weeks after that great day; we begin to hear about their marriages swimming in troubled waters. The frustrated partner begins to say: ‘Oh! I don’t know that Joseph is like that; I didn’t know that Tonia is so boring and everything is like that.”

Consequently, marriages have crashed and many are still crumbling just as briefly as the glorious wedding day excitement is consummated. This worrisome trend was the focus of this year’s Lagos Single and Married Summit held at the Gymnasium Hall of the National Stadium, Surulere recently.

As the convener and President of Family Boosters Ministries, Pastor Bisi Adewale, pointed out; nobody goes into marriage to have a failed marriage. And that is what informed the theme of the just concluded summit ‘Marriage of My dream’. He said: “I discovered that many good people are having bad marriages.

Very good people in church, very good people at work and among your colleagues you see fantastic guys and girls in the office but you can just hear about their marriage crashing after two or three years. So, I began to think; I went into a research to find out what it is that is causing marriage problems.


“Then my investigation revealed that it is not that the girls are bad or that the guys are bad. But lack of skill, absence of management skill required to nurture matrimonial union is the real cause of broken marriages.” Come to think of it, when you are good at your job or any professional endeavour, it is because you must have received training in that chosen field.”

Incidentally, only few people care to pay attention to management of marriages. Based on this realization, Family Boosters Ministries also wrote a book to teach attitude management, time management, character management, bedroom management, health management and all those things couples need to manage well to make their marriages work.

The ‘Single and Married Summit,’ which is the fourth, also brought all that up to address all those things which people desire in marriage but often don’t get. “Even the way we manage money in our families is very wrong. The truth is if you don’t manage money well in your marriage or family you will squander government money if you get the chance to public office,” Adewale pointed out.

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“We are rain spenders. Rain spenders in the sense that when rain is falling heavily, I can use one gallon of water to wash my handkerchief; I won’t remember that I need to prepare against the dry season. In Israel, every drop of water that falls during the rainy season is captured into a place called a cistern. When there is no more rain, the rain already stored in the cistern is put use in dry seasons.

“Essentially, every drop of rain that falls is carefully managed. In our own case, we don’t have such considerations here. Few weeks ago, heavy flood was experienced in Adamawa State, but within a short time we are going to be complaining of draught in the state because nobody cared to store the excess rain water. That is the same way we handle money in our families,” he added. “The principal reason why marriages crash is that couples fail to build the foundation of their union on wisdom which is found word of God, the creator of marriage.


Throwback Of Lagos Singles &Married Summit 2016

Throwback Of Lagos Singles &Married Summit 2016