Reasons why your husband must love you


Reasons why your husband must love you

Reasons why your husband must love you

Marriage is said to be blissful only when there is fullness of love between both the husband and wife. There are many reasons for which your husband must love you as a wife and I think you need to know them as a wife:

1. It is the commandment of God which must be fulfilled.

2. It makes marriage easier and more blissful.

3. It makes submission easier for the wife.

4. It is a promise that must be kept. Before you married your husband, I know he promised to love and care for you, if he is not doing this, that means he is not keeping his promise.

5. It breeds unity and harmony in the family.

6. It makes parenting easier in the family.

7. It helps to eliminate or minimize conflict.

8. It brings the presence of the Lord into the home and makes your home peaceful.

9. It is a good example for the children to follow.

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10. It makes your marriage to be an exemplified marriage for other mariage to emulate as it preaches the love of God.

11. It breeds unity, togetherness and intimacy.

12. It helps to eliminate strange women as the focus of your husband will be on you, if he loves you.

However, loving you is not automatic, you must play your part of the bargain by making yourself lovable. You must be involved in the things that makes him happy and loved. There are things you can do to awaken and rekindle the good old days of affection and passion in your marriage regardless of how difficult your husband appears.

Wife’s Affairs – Why Your Husband Must Love You

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