What You Must Not Do In Courtship


Difference Between Need&Wants In Relationship

-By Bisi Adewale

Courtship is a very important stage in the steps towards wedding but there are certain things you must no do in order to generate an outstanding results.Difference Between Need&Wants In Relationship

  1. Don’t neglect God in your courtship. Avoid whatever you cannot do in Jesus name. Don’t do whatever you can not do in the presence of brethren behind the closed doors.
  2. Don’t pretend in courtship. Be yourself; let your partner know the real you you. Pretence is a dangerous game.Difference Between Need&Wants In Relationship
  3. Don’t double date. As a Christian, you cannot be involved in two relationships at a time. ‘Extra tyre’ syndrome is not permitted among the children of God.
  4. Avoid secret courtship. Your pastor should give his consent before you start courting, just as your friends, family members and relations should be in the know. Both parents must also bless the courtship. If you are not matured enough to go into an open courtship, then don’t go into it. Courtship should not be a secret affair.Difference Between Need&Wants In Relationship
  5. Don’t start to wear the same attire. It is wrong to do so.
  6. Sisters should not turn themselves to cooks or launderer. You are not expected to go and cook for the brother or help him to wash his clothes. If you visit him; let him treat you as a guest (that is what you are). If he visits you, you can entertain him but never go to his house to cook for him. Also, avoid taking food to his house because you are not married yet.Difference Between Need&Wants In Relationship
  7. Never co-habit. It is wrong to be living together before wedding; it is unholy and annoys God. If you must live together, then get married.
  8. Don’t be untruthful in courtship. Never tell your partner what is not true. Don’t say you are what you not. Be truthful and faithful.
  9. Don’t court without focus. Let your courtship be focused. Determined when you are likely to get married from the beginning, otherwise, it may lead you into trouble of fornication.Difference Between Need&Wants In Relationship
  10. Don’t start having sex in courtship. Marriage is honourable among all and bed undefiled, but fornicators and adulterers, God will judge”. Hebrews 13:4. Sex is not for those in courtship. It is the conjugal right of married couples.
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Sex before wedding is known as fornication, which comes with dire consequences. It separates you from God, exposes one to unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease, hurried marriage, wrong marriage, abortion, single parenthood and destruction of one’s destiny, among others.

Never have sex in courtship; even if your wedding is just few hours away. Wait and obey God.

SEX IN COURTSHIP IS A SIN. Do not endanger your life.

  1. Don’t start pecking, kissing, fondling, hugging, etc in courtship. It is for the married. Don’t start what you can not finish. Do not allow emotion to override reason. Be wise.
  2. Courtship period is not for joint account or joint projects.
  3. Courtship period is not a period of INTERCOURSE, it is a period of INTERVIEW (Communication)- be open to each other in courtship. Open your mouth for each other not your skirt or trouser.

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