Misuse of tongue is more dangerous than misuse or drug. In both cases, the results are always devastating. In the tongue lies the power to either build or destroy your home. But as a godly man, you must learn to use your mouth wisely to build your home. Certain statement can effortlessly rock the boat of your marriage. The following are some statements you must never utter. THINGS YOU MUST NEVER SAY TO YOUR WIFE THINGS YOU MUST NEVER SAY TO YOUR WIFE THINGS YOU MUST NEVER SAY TO YOUR WIFE

Better is the poor that walketh in his integrity, than He that is perverse in His lips and is a foot. Proverb 19:1

  1. “I am your head, and you must obey me”. You don’t need to tell your wife this. If you are a good husband, she knows already. If you must tell her that you are her head before she respects and honours you, it means you are a failure. Do what you are expected to do as a man. Make your wife to respect you. Stop intimidating her to submission with such statement. Wise husbands don’t make such statement.
  2. “Your friend dresses or cooks better than you”. Never compare your wife to her friend; otherwise she may suspect you are having an affair with her friend. If you want her to cook like her friend, just tell her what you want without comparing it to her friend’s.
  3. “You look Ugly”. Never tell your wife she looks ugly even if she is. Every woman craves for beauty and likes to be told she is beautiful. Saying she is ugly amounts to giving her a slow poison. Please appreciate your wife for who she is and thank God for her life. Don’t inflict her with low esteem with your unpleasant commendations.
  4. “I wish I did not marry you”. No matter what your wife might have done wrong, never tell her you regret marrying her. If there is any misunderstanding, behave like a man; settle it and go ahead. Mature men settle dispute, they don’t cast the blame on their wives. THINGS YOU MUST NEVER SAY TO YOUR WIFE THINGS YOU MUST NEVER SAY TO YOUR WIFE THINGS YOU MUST NEVER SAY TO YOUR WIFE
  5. “You always dress like an old woman”. No woman wants to be told she is old. Do not tell your wife she dresses like old woman. If you must correct her dressing tell her you would like her to dress more smartly and beautifully.
  6. “I hate you”. No matter what happen never make such statements to your wife. Be kind to her. Make her happy. Do not harbor hatred towards her. She is your portion.
  7. “I will beat the hell out of you”. Your wife is not a baby. Stop threatening to beat her. You are to prefect and not terrify her. You are to cherish her not to put her life in danger. Men who are wise will rather sit down with their wives to settle disputes. Men without understanding however beat and terrify theirs.
  8. “My Ex-Girlfriend is by far better than you”. The greatest mistake you can ever make is to compare her with your ex-girlfriend. It is foolishness. If you know that your ex-lover was better, why didn’t you marry her? Let your ex-girlfriend remain a past, she is. Destroy her pictures and forget her forever. She is part of your past and must remain there.
  9. “You are a foolish woman”. If that woman is foolish then you are the ‘Chairman of foolish people’s club’ for marrying her. Goat married goat. Pig married pig. What you call your wife is what you are.
  10. “You are a bad cook”. Appreciate your wife for who she is. Her jollof rice may tastes like popcorn now, but with your encouragement; she can become the cook of the year. She is what you make her to be.
  11. “You are a careless and worthless woman”. Because she broke a cup, you label her the most careless woman in the world. This is unfair, not being careful in handling the cup does not make her careless. She has been handling those cups for years without breaking them. Everybody makes mistakes and remember that if she is careless, you are also careless to have married a careless woman.
  12. “You are as stubborn as your mother”. This is unfair, most especially to her mother. Don’t be surprised if she abuses your mother too. You needn’t be on the offensive. Remember that her mother is now your mother too.
  13. “I will dump you and marry another woman”. Before you do this, read Malachi 2: 14-16 and Genesis 2:18-25. Stop threatening her with divorce. Superb husbands don’t do it. It is unscriptural. As your wife, you must appreciate and forgive her.
  14. “Pack out of my House”. This statement is totally wrong and it can only come from men who lack understanding and manners. That house belongs to both of you so stop telling her to pack out. If I may ask: pack out to where? If she must pack out then you must make her to look the way she looked years ago before you and your children turn her to what she is. Then invite everybody that was there on your wedding day, including the dead ones, and release her in their presence. Except you can do that, you cannot divorce her.
  15. “I don’t trust you”. It is wrong to say this. If you say you do not trust her, she will have no reason to remain faithful to you since you have made up your mind not to trust her.
  1. “Our neighbour’s wife is by far better than you in everything”. This is not fair. Don’t make such statement to your wife. Your neighbour’s wife is good probably because her husband makes her to be. If she is better than your wife, her husband must be, by far, better than you. So before the pot calls the kettle black, it should consider itself first.


Pastor Bisi Adewale is a family and relationship expert; author of Secret of Irresistible Wife and more than 70 other books on marriage and family life. You can reach him on, 08068312004, 08051512823, BB: 2AF5C883, Blog: