Secret Source of a Mother’s strength

Secrets of a mother's strength
Secrets of a mother's strength

-By Yomi Adewale

A Secret Source of a Mother’s strength

When a woman is about to deliver her new baby, the situation may give her pain which she forgets in a tinkle of an eye by the arrival of bundle of joy and birth of new born. Immediately, she overlooks the weakness and stress went through.ASecret Source of a Mother’s strength

There is hidden secret source of strength which she may or may not be aware of.

Many mothers complain of tiredness, stress and weakness especially when children, husband, work and many things are calling for the mother’s attention, here are some tips that will unleash the strength you require as a mother:A Secret Source of a Mother’s strength

  • Get daily strength from the presence of God, begin your day with your maker in worship, prayer and study of the word of God
  • Avoid swinging mood as much as possible, do not be rash in your action
  • Stop working up yourself by creating stress such as shouting and raking, avoid generating tension around you as much as possible.Secret Source of a Mother’s strength
  • Each time, you would have reacted badly that could make you sad, remember those who do not have children, so enjoy the joy of motherhood.A Mother’s hidden secret source of strength
  • Derive joy for the opportunity to be of service to your husband and children
  • Consciously create plan to rest and when you have time to relax let  your mind be at peace, stop thinking even while sleeping.ASecret Source of a Mother’s strength
  • Maximize your time by starting the day with a “to do” list
  • Be generous with forgiveness, never lock people in the prison of your heart
  • Run from whatever deplete your strength such as wasting of time in gossip, backbiting, fighting, abusing and cursing your children
  • Become a peacemaker at all cost, flee from trouble making.A Mother’s hidden secret source of strength

Yomi Adewale is a child of God, terrific wife of Pastor Bisi Adewale, a mother, a marriage counselor, teacher of the word, a senior lecturer and Director of studies at college of marriage success, Vice President of Family Booster Ministries International, she is a speaker at women, singles and couples conferences. She is the Convener of Executive Women Fellowship and Coordinator of Terrific Sisters Fellowship, an arm of Family Booster Min Int’l.  Yomi Adewale is the Author of 21 Secrets of Great Wives and Co-author of many books with her husband. She is a Fellow of both the Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria (ICAN) and Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN), the CEO of PIC Consulting.

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