How Women Can Win Their Battles


How Women Can Win Their Battles

-By Bimpe Lawal

Satan is out to ill your marriage but God has given you tools to defeat him. Your marriage is in

your hand, you are the only one that permit what happen in your marriage. Some tools are

needed to fight for your marriage and make it work

? Pray the Word:- The Word of God is powerful, pray the word at all time for there is a

particular word that can be used for each challenge you are passing through, look for it

,quote it oftentimes, act on it at all times, confess it and you will see the situation will

turn around for your good. How Women Can Win Their Battles How Women Can Win Their Battles How Women Can Win Their Battles How Women Can Win Their Battles

? Walk in obedience:- You must be ready to obey the word of God if you want it to work

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for you and do the miracle of turning your marriage around. The word of God says

women should respect their husband (Eph 5:22) , respect him whether he is rich or

poor, tall or short. It is an injunction from the Lord which you must obey; accept him as

your head and every good things will submit to you as you submit to him, referencing

God in his life. How Women Can Win Their Battles How Women Can Win Their Battles

? Stand Strong:- Keep standing strong in the face of opposition even when it looks like

your marriage is over. Be strong in the battle front; put on the whole armor of God i.e

the belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, your feet ready to preach the gospel of

Christ, shield of faith, helmet of salvation and the word of God (Ephesian 6:10)

? Be patient:- Patience is a virtue, one of the fruit of the spirit which every believer needs


per time. Do not be in a hurry to win your battle How Women Can Win Their Battles

? Wisdom:- Prov 14:1 wisdom of God is needed at every junction of your marital journey .

do not be a fool, you cannot win the battle by human wisdom or counsel from friends.

Ask for wisdom to win your own type of husband

 ‘Bimpe Lawal is a lecturer in college of Marital Success(CMS), a Marriage School of Family

Booster Ministries. She studied computer Science and happily married to Mr Gbade Lawal, their

union is blessed with wonderful three boys.