How To Help Your Wife Grow Into Maturity

Is Your Business Ruining Your Marriage?
Is Your Business Ruining Your Marriage?

How To Help Your Wife Grow Into Maturity

-By Bisi Adewale

– from girlish to womanhood

Proverbs 14:1: Every wise woman buildeth her home, but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.

Maturity is a state in the life of an individual that the person has fully developed into adulthood and outgrown certain attitudes which can be categorized as childishness. 1 Corinthians 13:11: when I was a child, I spake as a child, I thought as a child but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

Certain things are peculiar with childhood. From the scripture above, we can deduce the following: How To Help Your Wife Grow Into Maturity How To Help Your Wife Grow Into Maturity How To Help Your Wife Grow Into Maturity How To Help Your Wife Grow Into Maturity How To Help Your Wife Grow Into Maturity

  • A child will talk without considering the implication of what he or she is saying. The effect of a child careless talk cannot be over emphasized.
  • A childish person will act without thinking about the aftermath of his or her action.
  • A child will talk before thinking. In fact, in most cases, no thinking is required before an important decision is made and major steps are taken.

The conclusion in the Bible passage above says, but when I became a man… That is, when I get matured, I put away those senseless talks and actions; I have to engage in a meaningful thought before taking any step. How To Help Your Wife Grow Into Maturity

It is a pity, many wives are in the state of being childish when everything mentioned above are visible in their lives, there is no way such women would build a great marriage, it is only a woman who can build, every girl must grow to a woman to qualify her for a quality wife.

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Every wife must get matured in the following areas:

Physically: Marriage is not for boys and girls, so your wife must be mature to face the responsibilities in the family.

Spiritually: Your wife must attain certain spiritual level to defend her home as a gate keeper. Her prayer life must not be sick and dead. She must be lover of the word of God, must be given to fasting and spiritual activities to protect her husband and children. It is when she is lukewarm that bad character would creep in and she may even be initiated into an evil group.

Financially: A wife must grow financially to help her family develop financial harmony and rest. An extravagant, show off and party woman would not be able to achieve financial peace. A lazy woman would become a burden to her husband and hinder her family’s financial independence. A wife must develop good attitude to earning money legitimately, develop saving culture and judicious spending style. The economies of many nations do not permit a woman to be jobless and useless. Every woman must grasp financial intelligence to fulfill her ministry of help meet for her husband (Genesis 2:18).


Socially: A woman must develop skill to manage relationship with her husband, children, colleagues, neighbours, in-laws and church members. The bible says ‘’ follow peace with all men and holiness without which no one shall see the Lord’’ (Hebrew 12:14).

Domestically: A good wife must not be a drop out in the home affairs. She must be good in the kitchen and take care of the home front. Any untidy house simply describes the woman; no one would challenge a man when the house is dirty. The blame and shame usually go to the wife not even the children, and she should have controlled them to clean up the house.

Emotionally: A virtuous woman must grow to overcome emotional imbalances. Many women have swinging moods which they must control well to forestall negative circumstances. Your husband looks forward to return home to see a cheerful wife not a moody one with heavy face as if she is mourning. Holy Spirit must be given a chance to control your emotion as a wife because of many unforeseen situations that will test you.

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Mentally: A good wife must have positive mental attitude to grow a great family life. Many errors have settled on our mind and heart because of what we watch, hear and read. Our exposure and experiences gathered from interaction with family and friends, if we don’t sieve them to retain good ones and discard wrong ones, the undisposed ones will rub on our life and mess up many things. Such wrong information may include “men are bad, they cheat on their wives, and they cannot be trusted” and so on. If these particles are in your wife, no matter how you try to be transparent to her, she will still doubt and never believe you as her husband. You must pray out the spirit of error that sponsors wrong mental attitude.

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