Communication In Marriage.


Communication In Marriage.- Bisi Adewale

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Communication is one of the most important thing in human relationship,couples that that has good communication skills and develop good communication system are bound to have a better marriage than couples without effective communication skills.
Effective communication may just be the missing link in your marriage,stop blaming the devil for the state of your marriage,take responsibility for the state of that marriage.
Here, i will be giving you some facts about communication in marriage to let you see reason to develop better communication skills at home.
1: without communication frustration is imminent in marriage.
2: communication is the only way to tell your mate about your vision.
3: The best way to settle dispute is through communication.
4: It is One of the ways to express love.
5: It is one of the ways to express needs.
6: It is a relational key.
7: communication makes us different from animals.
8: it is the way to pass across ideas.
9: it is the way to show our intention.
10: it is the way to express expectation.
11: it is the way to show what we don’t want.
13: a very strong tool of motivation
14: a tool of praise and appreciation.
15: a tool of parenting.
16: ways of exposing our plans.
17: a very strong tool for building friendship in marriage
18: a strong tool for maintaining marriage
19: a strong tool for reconciliation, until we talk reconciliation has not really take place.
20: a tool of intimacy.
21: it is a way of passing information to our spouse.
22: Communication skill is a vital skill in the school of marriage.
23: Communication may just be the difference between a successful and failed marriage.
24: Communication help remove suspicion in marriage
25: communication is a vital tool of leadership at home.
26: A tool for better sex in marriage

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