17 Things That Is Killing Your Finances

Financial Mistakes You Can Make Now To Live Miserably At Old Age (Part 1)

17 Things That Is Killing Your Finances

There are things killing finances in marriage which many couples does not pat attention to.

 If you find yourself in at least two of these, it shows you are a major party to the downward spiral of your marriage.

  1. Rainfall spending. You often spend more when you have more money only to suffer thereafter. 17 Things That Is Killing Your Finances 17 Things That Is Killing Your Finances 17 Things That Is Killing Your Finances 17 Things That Is Killing Your Finances
  2. Extravagant. You love to buy expensive things even if it will create holes in your pocket.
  3. Your hobby is shopping. You enjoy shopping. You just like buying even if you don’t need them. 17 Things That Is Killing Your Finances 17 Things That Is Killing Your Finances
  4. You are a lover of alcohol; you can’t just avoid the bottle.
  5. You love parties. You love to throw parties, it is like an addiction. You waste a lot of money on this.
  6. Womanizing. You sleep around, carry girls and spend lavishly on them.
  7. Drug. You spend so much on additive drugs.
  8. Bad habits. You have a lot of bad habits that eat into your time and finance. You enjoy or you are addicted to pornography, masturbation, gossiping, over sleeping, etc.
  9. Impulse buying. You always buy things you don’t plan for, or you buy things you will regret you ever bought.
  10. No budget. You have no budget, you spend as it comes.
  11. You always borrow money. You can’t just do without borrowing.
  12. You buy now to pay later. You always buy things you cannot readily pay for only to pay through your nose later.
  13. Huge credit card debt. This only shows lack of discipline and prudency.
  14. You owe so many people or institutions. None of the money you owe was utilized on investments. They were all spent to maintain your indiscipline lifestyle.
  15. IOU. You get ‘1OU’ (I owe you) often from your office.
  16. You are always broke. Though your income, is huge you are always broke before the end of the month.
  17. You don’t have a savings. If you’ve been spending your entire income without saving any, that means you are not prudent.

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