5 Little Things That Make Him Lose Interest in You


5 Little Things That Make Him Lose Interest in You

Relationships these days just get all dried up because the ‘spark’ is no longer there. You like a guy, a guy likes you, you two get off on a sweet note, u share your happy moments together, you are always happy wen u see their texts, or calls. The relationship gets all rosy and at a point, it all begins to die down slowly. 5 Little Things That Make Him Lose Interest in You 5 Little Things That Make Him Lose Interest in You

You all begin to wonder why he or she develops this cold attitude towards you. You start feeling insecure, a lot of things begin to run through your mind. “Is he in love with me anymore, or does he still have those feelings for me? Whichever the case maybe, there has to be a problem somewhere. Let us look at those “little” things we all do that scares or makes him slowly lose interest in the relationship.

  1. You stalk his every move Most of us ladies, if not all, are guilty of this. Especially in social media, we tend to check out their online activities like whose picture the complimented, their comments relating to posts, their conversations with the opposite sex. And when we do all these, we confront them about what they said or didn’t say and use it as a tool against them. He feels freaked out and begins to wonder if he fell in love with a detective. Slowly, he loses interests in u, because he feels choked up.
    Remedy to this: stop stalking him, stop it. Learn rather to trust him and mind ur own business, it will save your relationship a lot of stress.
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2: telling him “I love you” just to know his reaction now, it takes different times for people to fall in love with someone. For some, it might take a moment, some a day, while some are months or even years. Yes, you love the guy. Ok. But the question is, does he love you yet? You tell him you love him just to know what he feels about you is so wrong. He may not fall in love with you easily but with time, he gets to see how amazing you are and falls in love with you. So when next you wana tell someone u really love them, please be sure that they do love you back, if not, hold it. Until you are sure. Never ever make the grave mistake of telling him you love him just to find out if he loves u back, or else, it may backfire and your feelings get hurt. 5 Little Things That Make Him Lose Interest in You 5 Little Things That Make Him Lose Interest in You 5 Little Things That Make Him Lose Interest in You

Remedy: give him time, be patient. Don’t force him to love u.

3: being too serious now this is another killer of relationships. The reason why your relationship is gradually losing its spark is because we ladies tend to act too seriously. Now what do I mean by too seriously,

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We aren’t playful, we don’t have good sense of humor, we tend to read silly meanings to his words, we always think if he is silent, that

Means he doesn’t love us anymore.

Nooooooooooo! When you are chatting with your guy, try to be at ease, common, be funny. Say silly things, be free with him, yab him, tell him his nose looks like that of an elephant when he uploads a new pic or if he insult you, laugh it off. You two shouldn’t all be too serious about everything. This makes both of you to be selective of words and before you know it, he becomes tired of you and tends to stick with that hilarious babe. The next time you have a chat with him, please try to have an open mind…. Be free.

4: who texts or calls first ok, so he didn’t say hi to u early in d morning, or he didn’t send u any texts or call, u begin to nag. U are like “baby u didn’t text me today, or u didn’t call me. And things like that. Wtf! If he didn’t call u, den call him… If he didn’t text u, den text him. Don’t wait for him to do that first and u begin to create problems where there shouldn’t. That’s not nice, you are being too needy… If he is at work, ask him when he will be free, so both of u can chat or call. Don’t just text or call him every minute or hour to know whatup. It’s not funny. Have something doing too. He will call you if he misses u and wants to hear your voice. U just don’t have to force everything.

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5: understanding him some ladies still don’t understand their guy. Now there are some guys who prefer chatting to calling, some prefer calling to chatting, while some do well in both. But whichever the case maybe, try to know what makes him comfortable. If he loves to chat, den don’t get worried about him not calling u, you are only creating unnecessary issues. Some people are so lively wen calling, while some aren’t lively, they just ask u normal questions and before u know it, d call ends. Please be patient, if u notice he isn’t good at talking on the phone den make him talk, ask him questions too, make him laugh, insult him too, before u know it, the call may have lasted for up to 5minutes. Don’t be like, oh he is the one that called me so he should only do the talking while I answer… He just seems like the whole thing is crashing down and he quits calling you. Please try to loosen him up. Some of them r shy too u know