Ojo Oluwasegun A.

She admitted to herself that she had her doubt about her security men she signed and looked at kelvin and wish that everything he said are not true, but then everything he said made sense. she had told Tobi to tell the staff to start cleaning up, and she could hear the sound of moving feet and tables behind her closed door. She looked at the bag again which were not only Tina’s but had her things inside. Why don’t we wait till everything is back to normal, when they are fully settled we will call the security men, I wouldn’t confront Tina until I hear their statement.
Kelvin nodded not taking his eyes off her, hope nothing is destroyed Ara? I know everything was scattered everywhere, is anything destroyed? Anything that involved financial involvement?
Ara was about to say all her supplies had been destroyed and cut into pieces but she quickly held her mouth, she knew Kelvin well, he wouldn’t rest until he replaced everything and she doesn’t want that, No she said, it was a relive to know that no damage was done she lied.
His gaze became intent, are you sure? why don’t I go for another round of inspection, I might find something u missed.
It would be a waste of time doing that, she quickly said, my staff and I have done that.
Kelvin turned and stopped, Amara saw the massage in his eyes and her heart quickened. Yes there is no need wasting my time when I can fully make use of it, he said moving closer to Amara. I should step back then, men don’t worth it why can’t I just remember that she wondered as Kelvin close the distance between them standing just a breath away, she shouldn’t have raised her head looking at him. but she found herself doing just, knowing he would take that as an invitation, I like your hair like this he said as he as he put his fingers to loose the hair.
His fingers disappeared into her hair, causing his breath to catch slightly in his throat, I can stare at you all day” he breathed as he kissed her neck, I have waited for so long, I have wanted to do this for long my love, he kissed her ear and Amara almost let out a sharp gaps but she held herself, Amara felt Kelvin’s smile before she saw it and he brought his eyes back to hers but she avoided his eyes and was looking at his face. Kelvin brought his smiling mouth to her cheek kissing her near her lips, sweet Ara he said” I want to kiss you. Amara gasped as his words entered her brain. Is he asking for my permission? Her heart raced wildly. Let me kiss you honey; kissing the corner of her mouth gently.
Here is your chance Ara, say No, say No and I will step back, Amara opened her mouth to say no but she couldn’t, he was too close for comfort and his lips was just a temptation she couldn’t resist. yes she heard herself said, pure satisfaction shone on his face as he brought his mouth to hers not waiting for another second.
The kiss was different from the previous one: slower and deeper. Like a wordless heart to heart communication. Amara hands traveled to his back holding him tight and close, kissing him felt like the most natural thing to do and Kelvin couldn’t hold himself from pulling her more closer to himself like he wanted to join both of them together, and sensing that he was losing control he brought the kiss to an end. he looked at Amara still trying to bring her breathing to normal, and he said Ara.
A knock from the door separated them she quickly ran to her chair trying to rearrange her hair and her hands were shaking, Kelvin couldn’t help but smile as he watched her struggle to regain her self.
Taga walked in smiling, Amara frowned, since when did Taga started knocking before coming into her office. am sorry I interrupted you boss Taga said still smiling, Amara frowned at her.
you weren’t interrupting anything kelvin said to her.
what do you want Amara asked her,
actually, we have had everything under control we are waiting for your instruction .
Amara jumped up from her chair.
tell them to resume their normal duties kelvin said, you boss would meet them when she’s thru from here, Amara looked at him, how dare he! She raged as she opened her mouth to talk , kelvin continued. I would be glad if u can call the two security men he said with a smile that can turn on any woman. Amara watched at Taga melt before her very eyes and her rage against Kelvin increased. tags looked at the two of them before nodding her head and left the office.
how dare you Kelvin, this is my company and I won’t let u give my staff orders.
calm down sweet hrt, kelvin said, am fully aware that this is ur company.
” I don’t think you do, this is not Reliance you can give others, and stop calling me sweet heart she spat out angrily.
Kelvin looked at her angry face, not bothering to reply her, but it increased her anger, making her tap her legs angrily on the floor. she looked at kelvin and wondered why she had kissed him so desperately. And he now thinks am a weak puppets she thought angrily.
Alfred opened the door his ex mother had booked for herself in the same hotel, he knew that his father is also in that hotel boy in another room. Alfred hadn’t yet come with the terms that his real mum is that cleaner and he couldn’t stand the sight of her and he avoided her, he entered the dark room seeing Mrs Benson sitting on the floor looking lifeless even the curtain down, everywhere was in total darkness, are you going to continue killing yourself Alfred said without remorse Mrs Benson neither spoke or noticed his presence.
Your state is so embarrassing, u look nothing like the senate wife, who could ever imaging that the ever sharp mouthed Mrs Benson could ever grow mute.
Mrs Benson didn’t move only the blinking of her eyes made her look alive.
Alfred signed, anyway am here with a proposal for you, he went on with his word that didn’t shake the woman,I know where your daughter is,
Mrs Benson jumped up at the mention of her daughter. Making Alfred to smile. Her eyes turned from lifeless to anxious and she griped her skit making Alfred wonder what her problem was,
I know where she is and I can take you to her.
she stood up once displaying her strength, please Alfred take me to her.
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