-By Bisi Adewale
No matter your goal, plans or aspiration, there are five keys to achieve them and become a supper success.
Nobody can be a success if any of these keys is missing.5 KEYS OF SUPER SUCCESS

1) DISCIPLINE: Self-discipline is the first key to success in life. If you must succeed; then you must be disciplined. Skill is useless without discipline. Weapons of war are obsolete when people handling it are not disciplined. Everybody dream of Olympic Gold, but Olympic gold is not for dreamers, it is for people that are ready to work with great discipline and determination to succeed.5 KEYS OF SUPER SUCCESS
2) DREAM: Your goals, dreams, vision and ideas are the foundation upon which your success can be built. Your dream is where your life begins; it is a dreamer’s world. If you are not dreaming; you are not living. When your dream is great, you have sign a covenant with greatness. When your dream is small, you make an allegiance with smallness, when you don’t have dream at all you are not living at all.5 KEYS OF SUPER SUCCESS
3) DIRECTION: It is not just about dream, you don’t just stay there dreaming, you’ve got to do something, go all out to make it work. Know what you want, when you want it and how to get it. You have the vision to succeed, you are purposeful and you are moving steadily towards your goal with focus and concentration no matter how difficult it is, you are not looking back until you succeed.5 KEYS OF SUPER SUCCESS
4) DRIVE: Dream is useless without passion and hunger to succeed. With dream in your heart, there should be an eruption in your mind to make it a reality. You don’t dream for long, you’ve got to wake up to make it work. You need to go to the field to get something done because nobody wins a battle on the bed. You’ve got to soil your hands working, you’ve got to kill procrastination, take the steering wheel of your life and get going. Get driving towards your goals. Don’t fear failure, it is a training school. A child that fears falling will never walk, it is through falling several times he masters the act of walking, running and jumping.5 KEYS OF SUPER SUCCESS
Step out in faith, step out with boldness, you can’t win unless you are bold or even stupid enough to step into the race. If you step out winning or losing is 50/50 but if you don’t step out it is 100% loss.
5)  DETERMINATION: Gut, never say die attitude is needed to succeed in anything we do. Most things will not succeed in the first attempt. It takes determination to try it again and again and may be again, without looking at your mockers and your feelings.
Success is not a sprint or a 100 meters dash, it is a marathon. It is a long distance race. You need more than energy to succeed, you need focus, determination, gut and stubborn attitudinal drive to get things done.
Determinations come when you keep your eyes on your goal, not on your pains, when you keep your eyes on the future gains, accolades, rewards, results, medals, financial payback, trophies, honor, greatness, discountenance, your present difficulties, storms, failures and opposition.
Every great thing start small, but seeing the big picture of the small thing inside of you before your eyes can see it will keep you going.
If you put these things together; you are on your way to succeed as you’ve eaten up the power of failure and nothing will be impossible for you.

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