Five Tips To a Fulfilling Marriage
Five Tips To a Fulfilling Marriage


By Bisi Oludare

Back view of beautiful couple watching tv on sofa in living room
Back view of beautiful couple watching on sofa in living room

This is a simple but still the most difficult thing for some women to achieve. The truth is, men are not as complex as some people, even their wives think they are. As much as your husband will appreciate you giving him gifts, there are some little acts of kindness and courtesy he sees and shows him you love him. Here are some of those think you can do for your husband to show him you truly love him and it’s not just a gainsay; 15 WAYS TO LOVE YOUR HUSBAND 15 WAYS TO LOVE YOUR HUSBAND 15 WAYS TO LOVE YOUR HUSBAND

  1. Respect Him: men sees respect as love because to them you see them to be something important and of value whom you’re proud to have
  2. Honour and Praise Him: this is a little higher than just respect. It’s about reverencing him, singing and eulogizing him not because he has really done anything or because you want to get something from him, but because you accept him as your husband and head.
  3. Accept Him: no matter what he’s earning, probably you’re earning more than him. It does not matter whether he has failed in one business or more, your acceptance of him matters. This will show him you love him and want him to get better even if you will still correct him in love, that initial acceptance and not a cold reception will mean a lot to him.
  4. Celebrate Him: celebrate his success and failure. Now, when you celebrate him even when he has failed; it will show to him that the effort he put into whatever it is he failed in is seen and counted to be something. It will show to him you know he’s not lazy but a responsible husband and a father for even trying to achieve something for you and the family.
  5. Love his family especially his Mother: this is one way you can love your husband, a man you love his mother will naturally release the key to his heart and all to you. Truth be told, men naturally have this special love and feelings for their mothers and your husband isn’t an exception. It’s high time you got this straight and live with it in peace
  6. Remember his birthday too and celebrate it in a special way. Since you don’t like it whenever he forgets your birthday, it’s pertinent that you make him feel special on his day too. Give him pleasant surprises that he won’t forget in a hurry.
  7. Stop nagging and be more accommodating: men hate nagging women, so please one of the ways to love him is to stop nagging. Pass your message across with and in love. Don’t nag him off to trouble. 15 WAYS TO LOVE YOUR HUSBAND 15 WAYS TO LOVE YOUR HUSBAND 15 WAYS TO LOVE YOUR HUSBAND
  8. Don’t just talk or murmur but communicate: men don’t like women that murmur or that want them to see through their thoughts. He is not God, so woman tell him what you want or what the challenge is. Don’t think he should know.
  9. Correct your husband in love: stop talking to your husband as if he is your child or your maid. He is your head and you are not his mother, so stop shouting on him as if a mother is correcting her son. Men hate that a lot.
  10. Show Interest in things that interest him: you don’t love football, YES but because of his interest in that round leather game you must just love it for his sake. Love his friends and show them respect. Be interested in his work, ask him how the work is fairing not because of house keep money but because you truly care for and love him as your husband.
  11. Cook his meal: never allow your house help to cook for your husband. Cook his meal and serve him in a special way. Prepare varieties and once in a while ask for what he would love to eat. Peradventure there will be need for your house help or any other person to cook for him,never allow anyone except you to serve him- not even your children when you are home. You are his wife, so, perform your duty.
  12. Buy him gifts: don’t make it anniversary or birthday thing, surprise him often with good, not necessarily expensive but well thought out gifts.
  13. Listen to him: whenever he’s talking, give him your utmost attention. Whenever he talks about his disapproval of anything, act on such things fast and let him see the change next time.
  14. Submit to him totally: a man you submit to is a man you will always be able to press his buttons. Let him lead while you follow in obedience and submission.
  15. Don’t hoard your body: allow him free access to your body, he is your husband and he has all the authority over your body. Stop starving your husband of sex. Don’t chase him out with your excuses. To you sex isn’t food but to your husband it is and it’s a way of expressing your love to him.

This is an opportunity for you to turn your home into a love haven, go ahead now and practice these things

Bisi Oludare has a passion and ministry in the area of family life. She is a graduate of the First Premier Marriage Institute – The College of Marital Success where she obtained a Postgraduate Certificate as a qualified Chartered Counselor. She is a graduate of the School of Disciples and also attended the Word of Faith Bible Institute. She is a graduate of Biochemistry from LAUTECH and also holds a Masters Degree in Pharmacology from UNILAG but called to build homes through the power in the word of God.

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