What this man did after impregnating wife’s kid sister will amaze you. Can you do this to your wife?

How To Become Pregnant With Ease
How To Become Pregnant With Ease

?What this man did after impregnating wife’s sister will amaze you. Can you do this to your wife?

What this man did after impregnating wife’s kid sister will amaze you. Can you do this to your wife?


My younger sister,my only sibling moved to my house when we lost our parents in quick succession,we cried together for several days because of this incident,but I quickly rose up to help my sister get healed.

I eventually took over her academic with my little NCE certificate teaching salary. I sent her to school and she graduated with a degree in Law and went to a Law school in Abuja;then came back to Lagos after serving in Nasarawa state.

Since I don’t have a Child of my own after 8 years in Marriage,I took her as my first Child,she is now 24 while I am 34. She quickly got a job at a very good chamber and started practicing,I know she will grow up to be a great lawyer.


But recently,I discovered that she was pregnant and I began to pressurize her to tell me who is responsible and she later confessed that it is my husband,my own loving and caring husband,a Deacon in Church and the head of our Sunday school department. I never suspects anything,I was so foolish to be so fooled.

I confronted my husband,he never deny or acknowledge it until I called the family meeting. My family and his gathererd and he confirmed that he is responsible for it and that since I am barren I can move out for my sister or stay to help her nurture the baby since I am her mother.I felt like collapsing,I felt like dying.What should I do now?

I decided to move out last month but this morning;my doctor confirmed that I am more than four weeks pregnant .This news add to my confusion and mystery what suppose to be a thing of joy for me has turned to be a great nightmare of my life.What can I do ? Please ;let somebody advise me.


  1. It’s often easier atimes to criticize an action but there is absolutely no alibi whatsoever for a man of God to have toll this part that’s far from what he preaches. My people will say “what is bad is simply bad”. He has created eternal hatred between siblings and has also erred before God. The fact that he knows his act as wrong before God makes it even worst off. It’s well.

  2. This is really sad and i felt for you too. But no matter what happened never abort the pregnancy because you don’t know why, live that’why’ to God and let God Judge. Keep the pregnancy and take care of it.
    Don’t be a murderer is a sin against God.
    God will console and lead you aright in Jesus name….

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