THE PAINS OF A LONELY HEART-Episode 31 (final episode)


THE PAINS OF A LONELY HEART-Episode 31 (final episode)

THE PAINS OF A LONELY HEART-Episode 31 (final episode)

Ojo Oluwasegun .A

“Seriously, Daniel has been freaking me out lately. We don’t even know his whereabouts and now he is appearing in dreams” Ben said.

Once she sighted Jax with the policemen, Mrs. Johnson knew they were after her.

“Jax, what is the meaning of this?” The chairman asked

The head of the police team turned to Mrs. Johnson “Good day woman, are you Mrs. Johnson?”

“Yes I am, how may I help you?” She answered

“You are under arrest,” the policeman said getting ready to handcuff her.

“Hold on officers. I won’t allow this happen. What has she done?” The chairman said trying to stand up for Mrs. Johnson.

Before the policeman could answer or make a move, Mrs. Johnson pushed him away and used the emergency exit which was right behind her.

The policemen quickly ran after her. Mrs. Johnson knew her way around the church so she outsmarted the policemen.

She made her way out of the premises and ran into the street just adjacent the church. In her panic, she got on the road without taking into account where she was. She ran straight into an oncoming taxi driving at top speed.

She got knocked down and immediately became unconscious. The police was right behind her. They picked her up and immediately rushed her to the nearest hospital.

Ben took Juliet home after rescuing her from the hands of Alice and her accomplice. The police had arrested Alice with the other guy and had taken them away.

When they got home, Ben gave Juliet an aspirin to ease the headache she was feeling as a result of the ordeal she had just been through.

He then took her to her room and sat beside her as she laid in bed.

“Juliet, how are you feeling now?” Ben asked.

“I’m ok, Ben. Thank you for saving my life” Juliet said.

“Haba. No worries. I owe you more than this” Ben said.

“I don’t understand… How do you owe me?” Juliet asked.

“There is something you need to know, I have to tell you this Juliet” Ben said.

“I also need to tell you something but I’m really feeling sleepy now, let’s do this when I wake up. ” Juliet said.

Ben agreed to wait. In no time, Juliet was fast asleep. He wanted to leave her to sleep but his thoughts made him linger.

As he watched her, he began thinking.

“So, Juliet is not my sister after all. I am not related to her in anyway. It still doesn’t justify my actions. I raped her and I have to ask for her forgiveness. I will leave town with my biological mother as soon as I’m done. Only God knows if she will forgive. Please Lord, touch her heart. ” Ben thought and prayed.

Juliet on the other hand was having a weird dream. She saw herself in church, kneeling in front of the altar, praying.

She suddenly felt that she wasn’t alone. She turned to her left and to her surprise, she saw Mr. Johnson also kneeling and praying with her. He looked cheerful.

“Juliet my daughter, I told you never to cease praying. Now God has answered your prayers through his servant. I can rest in peace.” Mr. Johnson said this and went behind the altar.

Juliet didn’t see him anymore. She started calling out his name hoping he’d come back only to hear Daniel’s voice from the exact place she first met him when she came to pray at church.

“Juliet, I’m done here. I have to go back” Daniel said.

“Go back where? Where have you been all this while? All along you knew my mum, Daniel. Who are you? Juliet asked as she walked towards Daniel.

“Juliet, God answers prayers in so many different ways and in His own time. Everything has a reason. To answer your question about who I am, is that not clear enough to you yet? Anyway, I will meet you at the hospital today.” Daniel said and within the blink of an eye Juliet didn’t see him anymore.

“What hospital is he talking about?” She asked but was awoken by Ben.

“Juliet, are you ok? You were talking in your sleep” he said.

“It’s Daniel” Juliet said “I saw him in my sleep, he said I will meet him at the hospital today.”

“Seriously, Daniel has been freaking me out lately. We don’t even know his whereabout and now he is appearing in dreams” Ben said.

“He has been really helpful. It’s a mystery though… I don’t know who he really is. Meanwhile Ben, you wanted to tell me something… What is it?” Juliet asked.

Ben’s face changed suddenly. He stood up from the bed and knelt down.

“Ben what are you doing, what is this? Juliet asked trying to pull him up but he stayed on his knees.

“Juliet, I was the one who raped you” he said.

“What!!!! Juliet exclaimed.

“I got carried away. It wasn’t meant to be. I didn’t know the handkerchief would weaken you. My lust took over the love I have for you. I did that terrible thing to you Juliet and I ask that you forgive me. ” he said.

Tears began running down Juliet’s cheek. Out of pain and anger, she slapped him.

“I am sorry Juliet, please forgive me. I don’t care if you tell the authorities to come arrest me, all I want is your forgiveness. I love you Juliet and that was not the right way to express it. Juliet I am sorry” Ben said crying.

Juliet was speechless. The truth was hard for her to take. She kept quiet. Her silence was killing Ben. They say the silence of a woman speaks louder than a political campaign… Juliet’s silence made him feel guiltier than ever.

After a while, Juliet got up from the bed and went towards him. She knelt right in-front of him. They were both kneeling and facing each other now. Ben didn’t understand what was going on but he kept saying sorry. Before he knew it, Juliet landed a kiss on his lips.

It was both passionate and sensational. To him, it was like a dream. He wanted it to last forever. He could hardly believe himself.

Juliet stopped kissing him and said

“You took away my pride as a woman. You hurt me so much but I can see in your eyes that you’re sincere about the love you have for me. By the way Ben, I know my biological mother, I have met her. And Mr. Johnson is my biological father. Daniel revealed these facts to me. ” Juliet said.

“What! are you sure?” Ben asked.

“Yeah, I will explain everything to you when my mum gets here. I’ll be calling her soon.” Juliet replied.

Then she asked “Ben, what was Jax doing in your room if you claim you love me?”

“Juliet, she came on to me. I didn’t allow her. She was the one I met with today, she had a confession to make. Jax is in jail as I am talking to you now” Ben said


“What for ?” Juliet asked but they were interrupted by the housekeeper who came knocking at Juliet’s door.

Juliet opened the door.

“What is it? Juliet asked when she saw him.

“I just got a call from someone claiming to be a police officer. He said that mommy was knocked down by a car and has been rushed to the hospital. I hear she is unconscious ” the housekeeper said.

“Oh my God!” Juliet exclaimed. Ben also heard what the housekeeper had said. Without wasting time, they both left the house and went to the hospital.

On their way, Juliet called her biological mother, told her the story and asked that they meet at the hospital.

They got to the hospital and were immediately directed to her room. They were surprised to see two policemen at the entrance of the room. They ignored them and went in.

Ben and Juliet saw Daniel at the ward. He was there with a doctor and a nurse.

Mrs. Johnson’s condition was critical. She was talking weird and laughing wildly.

“Doctor, what’s wrong with her? Ben asked.

“Her condition is critical. She apparently was running from the police and got hit by an oncoming vehicle. The impact of the fall may have affected her skull. As regards her talking and laughing, I can’t really tell until a specialist attends to her. I’ll leave you with her now. ” The Doctor said and left.

“Juliet” Daniel called.

Juliet came in and hugged him ” Daniel, where have you been, whats going on here?”

“Juliet, her cup is full, listen to her” Daniel said.

“Hahaha, ” Mrs. Johnson kept laughing

“I can see my dear husband, hahaha. Why didn’t you allow me get rid of Juliet? I can’t let her get all the properties.” She said. She looked and sounded crazy. She was seeing things that actually were not visible to anyone.

“Hahaha! My dear husband, it’s all your fault. James and I deserve more than this. I want it all for myself hahaha! If only that good-for-nothing Jax girl hadn’t betrayed me. After all the money I paid her from the Church’s coffers to keep her mouth shut” Mrs. Johnson was now shouting at the top of her voice. She had gone completely crazy.

“So its true” Ben said ” Jax told me all this”

” Yes, take everything! Are you happy now? Hahaha! No, my dear husband don’t take me yet, don’t take me. Hahahaa” Mrs. Johnson shouted.

They all stood there watching helplessly as she talked. All of a sudden, she started shaking and jerking back and forth like she was being electrocuted.

Juliet couldn’t bear to see her suffer like so. She ran out to call the doctor who quickly returned with her

As the Doctor came in, Mrs. Johnson was shaking very violently and some white foamy substance was coming out of her mouth.

The Doctor immediately instructed that they all wait outside the room . As they went out, they ran into Mrs. Nelson , Juliet’s biological mother. She came towards them.

Juliet went and hugged her mother with tears in her eyes.

“What is it my daughter? She asked.

“It’s Mrs. Johnson. I believe she is dying, mum” Juliet said.

“Don’t worry my daughter, everything is going to be alright” Mrs. Nelson  said.

“Daniel, where have you been?” Mrs. Nelson  said.

“I have been with you, my sister” Daniel said strangely.

Mrs. Nelson  was surprised that Daniel called her ‘sister’ considering how as young he looked.

“Ben, come closer” Daniel called

“Ben this is Juliet’s mother” Daniel said to him.

“And Juliet, I thought you had a question to ask?” Daniel said and took her hand.

“Follow me” he said and walked with her towards the exit of the hospital.

“Juliet, I wonder why you are still asking who I am. Have you forgotten the fourth man that stood with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fiery fire? Like I said, God answers prayers in different ways. Your duty is to keep doing good and never cease praying. Abstain from evil and serve God with all your heart. You never know who you may be helping. Now, go back inside, I believe you have something to tell Ben” Daniel said.

Juliet suddenly had goosebumps all over her body. She started walking back towards the hospital, then turned to say goodbye to Daniel. Her eyes opened as she realized he was no longer there.

Somehow though, she wasn’t frightened. She smiled to herself and said “Thank you Lord”

Juliet went to join Ben and her biological mother. To Ben’s surprise, Juliet took his hand and spoke to her Mum.

“Mum, this is Ben, the man I’ll like to marry.” She said.

“Wow! You have my blessings, darling.” Mrs. Nelson  said.

Ben’s mouth popped open in pleasant surprise. He hadn’t seen that coming but he was elated all the same.

Juliet turned to him “I know I caught you unawares but truth is, I realized I loved you ever since I saw Jax come out of your room that night. Ben, I love you”. She said and they hugged each other.

Suddenly, the door of Mrs. Johnson’s ward opened and the Doctor came out looking sullen.

They all suddenly remembered what had brought them together here.

“Doctor, how is she? Juliet asked.

“It’s unfortunate… We did our best but she didn’t make it. She has passed on” The Doctor said.

Juliet burst out in tears. Ben had to put his hands around her to try and console her

“I suppose you’re Juliet?” The Doctor asked and she nodded. “Before she passed on, she told me to ask for your forgiveness on her behalf. Those were her last words. ” He said.

“Doctor, I had already forgiven her. I hold nothing against her” She said, still in tears.

Ben comforted her and together with Mrs. Nelson  they left for the house.

James was charged to court. It was a terse and tough trial but he eventually was found guilty and was subsequently jailed for 15 years with hard labour.

Mrs. Nelson  got to meet Ben’s biological mother. She decided to give her the house where Juliet had stayed with Daniel while she was pregnant. She also gave her enough money to go into business for herself.

Ben and Juliet took time to know each other and soon got married. The wedding was a glorious one and they set out to live their lives with hope in their hearts .