How To Make Your Husband Know That You Are Proud Of Him
How To Make Your Husband Know That You Are Proud Of Him


-By Bisi Adewale

Sex is marriage super magnet.Good sex life is a major building block for a successful marriage.Couples must not allow their sex-life to be dry and drab.Efforts must be made to ensure continuous enjoyment in their sex life throughout their lifetime.


The following things adversely affect sex in marriage and you need to know how to handle them.

  1. Parenting. Child bearing and rearing can snuff life out of any marriage if care is not taken. You must carefully plan your life in such a way that you don’t allow motherhood or fatherhood to take over your bedroom. Pregnancy or breastfeeding is not a reason to refuse sex. Sex in pregnancy or after delivery has no side effects on the mother or the baby. Proverbs 16:22
  2. Familiarity. Getting too familiar with each other can also affect your sex life and destroy passion. Don’t get familiar, only get intimate. Be creative; let fire return to your sex life.
  3. Predictability. You’ve been doing it the same way, the same time, the same place, the same form for a long time such that it has become predictable to both of you. You both know the routine. This is dangerous for your sex life, start doing it in a new but godly way.
  4. Daily Living. Pursuit of daily bread and to be able to put butter on the bread has taken over many bedrooms; thereby making allowance for sexual infidelity. Don’t pursue your career at the expense of your marriage.
  5. You are hurt. I can’t promise that there wouldn’t be hurts in marriage; but learn to settle your differences. Don’t carry it over into your bedroom life.
  6. Ignorance. Couples are not learning about sex in marriage; they are not improving. This gives room for the devil to use their marriage against them. Proverbs 13: 20
  7. Wrong mental attitude. Many couples still believe some myths about sex in marriage. Some couples still believe that sex must not take place on Sunday, because it is the day of the Lord. Others believe that if you have sex in the afternoon, you could give birth to an albino. Isn’t that funny? Please get a copy of our book SEXUAL FULFILLMENT IN MARRIAGE, for more on this. HOW TO RESTORE FIRE INTO YOUR SEX LIFE HOW TO RESTORE FIRE INTO YOUR SEX LIFE HOW TO RESTORE FIRE INTO YOUR SEX LIFE


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– Forgive each other for every wrong doing.

– Sit down with your spouse and talk about your sex life. Most couples don’t talk about sex in their marriage. They can talk about other things but not sex which is why the Devil uses this medium to scatter many homes. Talk about your sex life, about what you want and what you don’t want, your “turn-on” and “turn-off”, your expectations, your desires. HOW TO RESTORE FIRE INTO YOUR SEX LIFE HOW TO RESTORE FIRE INTO YOUR SEX LIFE

–  Get our books on sex: SEXUAL FULFILLMENT IN MARRIAGE, SECRETS OF AN IRRESISTIBLE WIFE AND SECRETS OF AN IRRESISTIBLE HUSBAND. Read the three books repeatedly in your bedroom as a couple. I’m sure you will have a  testimony to share.

– Put much effort into being loving and caring.

– Ask your partner what he or she loves about love making and fulfill his or her desires.

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– Tell him or her to name the things he or she wants in the bedroom regularly.

  • Make it a habit to massage each other passionately.

– Dance together often.

– Freely dish out hugs and kisses to your spouse.

– Enjoy being naked together.

– Always communicate as you make love. Don’t keep your mouth shut.

– Use a new location. Check into a hotel together for a weekend of secondary honeymoon. Whenever   you travel together, make use of that opportunity to make love in a new place.

– Make love in a different location whenever your children are not at home.

– Experiment with new sex styles not just the missionary style you’ve been doing since the 17th century. Do it a new way.

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