marriage concept word on a sticky note

By Bisi Adewale

marriage concept word on a sticky note
marriage concept word on a sticky note

Absence of transparency in Marriage has many dangers and grave implications on family life, in fact it is one of the reasons why marriage are crashing worldwide.
Let check some of the implications of failure to be transparent in marriage.

  1. Suspicion: lack of transparency is the foundation of suspicion, because there is no openness it gives room to wrong imaginations, negative thinking and jumping into conclusions which most of the time may not be the truth. Suspicion is known to lead to wrong accusation that can be really annoying leading to anger and every other negativities.
  2. Distrust: when suspicion grows it becomes distrust which is killer of love and destroyer of marriage. Good Marriage is base on trust; so, when trust is broken marriage is almost over.
  3. Fear: suspicion and distrust do generate fear and anxiety, because of lack of information, misinformation and uncertainty that surround the home and family life in a place where transparency is lacking.
  4. Wrong accusation: distrust, fear and suspicion which are all off- shot of lack of transparency are known to lead to wrong accusation and counter -accusation which is very dangerous to the well being of the family life.
  5. Conflict and Crisis: with suspicion, wrong accusation, fear and distrust in the house what do you expect than conflict and crisis?
    Lack of transparency is known to cause a lot of crisis, as the couple begin to fight each other even when there is no cogent reason for it.
  6. Rumor: One thing that is common in a home without transparency is the influence of 3rd party in marriage, bringing, rumors, misinformation, gossips and lies. Which do help to fuel conflict in marriage?
  7. Lovelessness: there is no way love can thrive in a marriage where transparency is lacking, all that is common in this kind of homes are malice, anger, resentment, hatred and bitterness.