Portrait of a pensive female teenager looking up isolated on a white background

By Bisi Oludare

Portrait of a pensive female teenager looking up isolated on a white background
Portrait of a pensive female teenager looking up isolated on a white background

It baffles me when I speak with teenagers and most of them seem to have the same challenge and it is like their parents are sleeping to what’s really making them to drift away from who they are created to be and now trying to just be who the environment has conditioned them to be. A lot of things go on in the mind of the teenagers at this stage causing mood swings and questions begging for sincere answers.
Reality is teenagers go through a lot of things at this their peculiar stage and all they seek for is that people should accept them and allow them enjoy the fantasy.
Though childhood and adolescent stages ought to be the most enjoyable stage in everyone’s life, one will be right to say the teenage age is the most confusing time in the life of any human and it could bring with it lot of uncertainties if not well handled.
It is a stage where most people struggle with their identity, sense of belonging, who they really are and much ado about what others think about them. All these could bring about feelings of sadness because they are trying to fit into the society and the world around them. They as well want their kind of person to be accepted without people being judgmental. The following should be carefully considered so that the parents don’t regret what their children will turn out to be tomorrow;
1. Parents must know that it is their God-given duty to train them up in His own way so that at every stage they get to they will see God as the one with the final authority over them and it will help them to live rightly without pretense. Just like Joseph who knew he had to fear God even when no one is seeing him (Genesis 39:9b).
2. Let your children know you care about them and NEVER compare them with one another or with their friends. Each child is unique in his/her own ways(s). Show them love so that they don’t seek for it in the wrong place.
3. Build a close relationship with them which will make them to be free in discussing anything with you. At this stage, you don’t need to shout on them lest they keep important information from you.
To be able to fit into their world as parents, update yourself by reading because you can only give what you have and be current. On this, let me introduce three(3) of our books to you; PARENTING TEENAGERS, PURE GOLD & STRONGER THAN DIAMOND


4. Whenever they do anything worth commending, never hesitate to commend them and show them love.
5. Pay Attention: whenever they are taking, pay rapt attention. Listen without interruption, make signs when necessary to show you are fully with them, take note if need be and while responding, do it in love and still pass across your message.
As a teenager, concentrate on positive things that will empower you to be ahead of your mate.
No outside force can make you happy except you make yourself happy and this can be done when you know that who you are is not defined by what people say about you.
No form of sadness or anxiety can solve your challenge but rather you being good and doing what is right not minding whoever is doing it wrongly.
Never keep negative energy, stand out in the midst of the multitude and free your mind of baggage.

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Stay Happy, Lovely and Beautiful!!!

Bisi Oludare has a passion and ministry in the area of family life. She is a graduate of the First Premier Marriage Institute – The College of Marital Success where she obtained a Postgraduate Certificate as a qualified Chartered Counselor. She is a graduate of the School of Disciples and also attended the Word of Faith Bible Institute. She is a graduate of Biochemistry from LAUTECH and also holds a Masters Degree in Pharmacology from UNILAG but called to build homes through the power in the word of God.

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