35 VIRTUES OF WOMEN OF HONOUR-This is written to advice women to learn how to take responsibility in your various matrimonial homes. The nuggets will enlighten you to real responsibilities you might not be familiar with, just for the ‘betterness’ of your family.
This will also help young ladies planning to step into the matrimonial world to have the knowledge of what it takes to be responsible and maintain integrity in your matrimonial home.35 VIRTUES OF WOMEN OF HONOUR
Women dignity goes beyond responsibility alone. It also demands moral integrity.
1. A woman that sees her husband as a role model and sees her children as colleagues.
2. A woman that can’t give her husband’s underwear or cloth to her maid to wash.
3. A woman young ladies see a s a role model.
4. A woman that is too busy for gossip.
5. Woman of dignity is insightful; she brings comfort when people are frustrated, she calms them and re-assures them, even when she has no alternative.
6. A woman of dignity is highly favoured, her husband and children benefit under the canopy of her divine favour.35 VIRTUES OF WOMEN OF HONOUR
7. A woman that makes the children responsible for their future desire.
8. A woman that have the fear of God.
9. She loves her husband, cares for her children and her children happily learn from her.
10. A woman that honours her husband.
11. From her observation s a mother, she predicts her children’s future and pleads to her husband not only to observe it but to confirm it.
12. She is a pride of the woman’s world.35 VIRTUES OF WOMEN OF HONOUR
13. A woman that sees things and understands why it is so.
14. A woman that prays at all times.
15. A woman that knows who she is, where she is from and do things the way her husband wants.
16. A woman that can forgo anything because of her home.
17. A woman that comply before she apply.
18. A woman that is ready to motivate and console her husband with anything.
19. A woman that is ready to sacrifice her last strength for her home.
20. A woman that her husband understands whenever she is angry (because the husband knows she is not used to it).35 VIRTUES OF WOMEN OF HONOUR
21. A very intelligent woman
22. A very prudent woman
23. A woman of peace.
24. A woman who gets up before daylight to prepare food for her family and tell her maid what to do.
25. A woman that is strong, hardworking and domestically industrious.
26. A woman that understands her position in the family, and then spiritually maximize it for the sanctification of her husband.
27. A woman that her husband benefit from her intelligence.
28. A woman that is generous to the poor and needy.
29. A woman her husband seeks her view before embarking on anything.
30. A woman that is strong and respected and not afraid of the destiny of her marriage.
31. A woman that is always busy and looks after her family’s needs.
32. A woman that her children show appreciation and her husband praises (he believes with all praises she won’t misbehave).
33. A woman that is busy thinking, working towards the success and progress of her matrimonial home.
34. A woman that is patient and confident such that when the husband goes off track, instead of fighting and quarreling, she kneels down praying, thinking and prudently tracks him back to the right path.
35. A woman of a strong and unwavering faith.
Every woman dreams these remarks but lack the criteria to qualify them for woman dignity. It is not achieved by gentility but by wisdom to assess issues, wisdom to manage people’s behavior, wisdom to discover fault and to set things right. All ladies are born with it but many have overshadowed it with idiotic attitude. They will discover theirs with little patience, thinking and self-appraisal.CULLED FROM THE TRANSFORM PUBLISHERS MAGAZINE

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