By Bisi Adewale

6 WAHow To Be Set Free From Bitterness In MarriageYS TO WIN THE HEART OF YOUR HUSBAND
How To Be Set Free From Bitterness In Marriage

There are lot of things waging serious war against the unity and love between couples today. Listed are some of the things that can destroy the bliss in any home.3 HIDDEN DESTROYERS OF MARRIAGE

  1. Modern Day Jobs. Many jobs nowadays are not family friendly at all. Gone are the days when parents come home before their children arrive from school. Today, many parents leave home before their children wake up and may not be back until they have already gone to bed. Many modern jobs make marriage difficult. Jobs that demand constant transfer or night shifts are not good friends of marriage. Neither are those that call for permanent night shifts and weekends, including public holidays. Beyond that, jobs that take couples away from God and make partners to live in different cities or countries, separated from each other for more than 75 days a year kill marriage. Jobs that compel you to live home at dawn to return at midnight and cannot even pay your bills are not helpful to marriage. All these are examples of many modern jobs that make marriage difficult.3 HIDDEN DESTROYERS OF MARRIAGESolution: Work out a work-life balance. Remember always that the work will end one day and only the family will remain. One day you will resign or retire. Somebody will one day take over your office and your desk, no matter how good you are on the job. Your family is very important. Your colleagues may not remember you after your death; it is your family that marks Remembrance Day and visits the grave, to clear the burial place of their beloved. The secretary will not remember her dead boss either. So why will you neglect your family and invest your energy in a job that will not last forever? Your home is your tomorrow. Make good use of your weekend, spent with your family. Spend your leave with your family. You can even ask for a casual leave occasionally, just to be with your family. You are entitled to five days casual leave. Ask for it to be with your family. If you neglect your family when they are young they will neglect you when you are old. Husband and wife should plan to get out of water-tight jobs; at least one of you should. Put your family ahead of career and maximize your future together.2. Social Media: Good as they are, yet they give marriage certain headaches. Many old lovers who are now married to different persons have met there, to start where they stopped.  It is also easy now to meet new lovers through the social media. This has increased the level of infidelity, adding more trouble to modern marriage.3 HIDDEN DESTROYERS OF MARRIAGE

    Solution: Make positive use of the social media. Don’t use it to connect with ex-girlfriends or boyfriends, or to get a new date. It is dangerous for your marriage.3 HIDDEN DESTROYERS OF MARRIAGE

    3. Pornography: Addiction to pornography is fast eating deep into chastity and sexual purity among modern people. There was nothing like that before the advent of the internet. Today, it is a threat to solid family foundation, popularizing fornication among the singles and rooting adultery in the consciousness of many married couples. Many couples are now so addicted to naked bodies on the screen that they hate to see the body of their spouses. The men are stimulated to masturbate and the women, to fantasize about the gorgeous male figure on the screen and porn magazines. It is terrifying! 3 HIDDEN DESTROYERS OF MARRIAGE

    Solution: Filter your computers. Don’t permit sexually explicit pictures on it. If you are addicted to pornography already, seek help before it destroys your marriage.

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