By Bisi Oludare
A pair of silver women's heel shoes with red rose isolated over white with clipping path.
A pair of silver women’s heel shoes with red rose isolated over white with clipping path.
It baffles me a lot when I see women even those that do not value what the institution marriage portrays shout “I AM A VIRTUOUS WOMAN.”
I think it will do you a world of good if you can try to look up the meaning of the word ‘virtue’ then check ‘virtuous’ out as well, that will give you a better understanding of the real thing. How everybody wants to be the Proverbs 31 woman but none is ready to pay the price to be one. I would love that you go again and read that verse of the Bible, then you will see that there are more than 31 qualities attributed to that woman  alone. It wasn’t a gainsay but actually whom she was, to the extent that her husband and even the children could testify of how blessed they were to have her(Proverbs 31:28). Woman, can your husband or children call you blessed? Is your husband blessed to have you or he is regretting and cursing the day he opened his mouth to propose marriage to you?
Verse 23 of that chapter says her husband is respected everywhere because of her, some version says honoured. Now let me even ask you this before we think of people so that it won’t be as one going too far; do you respect your husband or your many qualifications and the fact that you speak Queen’s English & to you he speaks local English to the extent that his native intonation is glaring has blindfolded you and all you see is a man that doesn’t deserve your respect because in the first place you have done him a big favour to have married him? Ephesians 5:33b.
ListenUp Woman, if you honour and respect your husband, he will bless you. But a man you do not respect can never get that from people outside. An adage in Yoruba says ” To ba ta ara ile e lowon, o le rira lopo” which literally means “If you present the members of your family in a despicable manner to outsiders, no amount of money can buy them back that honour when you seek for them to be regarded”
So, I beg of you RESPECT your husband.
Now let me finally say this, verse 11 says “Her husband has FULL CONFIDENCE in her and lacks nothing of value.” NIV and KJV says “The heart of her husband safely TRUST in her…..” What a godly virtue!
Does your husband trust you, have you not betrayed him in such manner that it’s only God he’s begging to change your heart? Whenever you tell him, it’s morning, can he rely on it or he will need to check to be sure it’s not night? I beg of you, try to be a truly trustworthy woman.
TRUST is a delicate 5-letter words that whoever lacks it can rob him/herself of a lot of great things even in career.
May the good Lord give you wisdom to build your home.

Bisi Oludare has a passion and ministry in the area of family life. She is a graduate of the First Premier Marriage Institute – The College of Marital Success where she obtained a Postgraduate Certificate as a qualified Chartered Counselor. She is a graduate of the School of Disciples and also attended the Word of Faith Bible Institute. She is a graduate of Biochemistry from LAUTECH and also holds a Masters Degree in Pharmacology from UNILAG but called to build homes through the power in the word of God.



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