In the Nucleus of Marital Harmony


In the Nucleus of Marital Harmony

-By Olusegun McJay

Marital Harmony and serenity is one of the loudest craves in marriages of today. And it is described as a situation in marriage where the God intended cordiality, mutuality and harmony is achieved. Meanwhile harmony is also defined as a situation of cordiality and mutual understanding in marriage.In the Nucleus of Marital Harmony

It is also a situation where the man gets to understand the woman and still gets along with her even in the face of contrasting opinions. Whilst at the same time, the woman also understands the man even though with fully differing ideology. What determine the opinions of each party are purely fundamental to them. These differences are structured under the following concepts among others.In the Nucleus of Marital Harmony


CAUSES OF DIFFERENCES IN MARRIAGES.In the Nucleus of Marital Harmony

  • Background
  • Experience
  • Exposure
  • Culture
  • Expectations
  • Makeup
  • Education
  • Gender differences
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You will agree with me that the wider your differences in each of those points up there, the bigger the potential for disagreement. You can confirm that most marital issues that you have heard about have their roots in the fundamental differences listed up there.

Many counsels have been given to manage the misunderstandings and conflicts in marriage. However, God the Designer of marriage has the prescriptions meant to handle marital disharmony from its nucleus.In the Nucleus of Marital Harmony



In the nucleus of marriage, Love is a pill the man should take before entering the marriage, on the wedding day, day in day out in the marriage. And this will settle all misunderstandings within the marriage. The readiness of the man to give the woman love-based responses and reactions to the woman even in the face of provocative actions is key. The same goes to the woman, she needs to take her pills of Submission at every time before, and in the marriage, morning, afternoon and night. And she needs to know that her focus is never to win arguments but to win her husband to God’s side. And this is possible with the instrumentality of Submission and Prayer.In the Nucleus of Marital Harmony