Young father and son


Bisi Adewale

Lack of skills kill so you need to do all you can to acquire necessary skills to be a successful parenting. Here are more of the skills you needs:

6.PARENTING SKILL: Train your children in the way .You can’t be a trainer if you have not been trained. Genesis 14: 14, Proverbs 22: 6.There are lots of wayward children in the society  today because most parents were not trained. So they lack the required skill to raise the children of their dream. You can develop your parenting skill by attending parenting seminar, and reading my 12 books on parenting .Such as: Parenting your Baby From The Womb, Parenting Preteens, Parenting Teenagers, Parenting Toddlers, Parent ting  Preschoolers, Grade Schoolers. Parenting Adult Children. Parenting without tears, Parenting By Fire, My Children must Prosper. For information on how to get them, call:+234-8051512823.8068312004.
7.COMMUNICATION SKILL: Communication is a vital ingredients in building a successful marriage.
Married couples should do more to improve their communication skill if they are to enjoy their marriage.  Colossians 4: 5 -6
Negative statements like :you’re a fool,idiot,foolish man,I hate you,I regret marrying you,I curse the day I met you,senseless woman,among others are unwholesome words that you must avoid in marriage.Develop your communication so well that you will know the choice of words,the right time and the right tone of communication.Positive words like:Please,thank you,I love you,I value you,You are the best ,I am sorry,among others should be your daily language.
8.FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT SKILL1 Timothy 6:10.  The role of money in marriage cannot be overemphasized. Its importance covers: payment for house rents, food, power supply, fuel, clothes, transportation, children school fees, just to mention a few.Adequate  management skill of money is so vital because lack of money and mismanagement of money can make marriage difficult.You must do away with love of money but you must learn better way of making,managing and investing money.Boost your financial management skill by reading books on money management in marriage.If you don’t develop your financial management skill, money will injure your marriage.
9. CONFLICT MANAGEMENT SKILLColossians 3:13. Successful marriage is not absence of conflicts but a product of proper handling of it. Wrong handling of conflict can lead a marriage to an early grave. Meanwhile, good management of conflicts can strengthen the cord binding a couple together in proper understanding. Good conflict management skill follow these rules strictly: don’t report to your parents or third parties, don’t keep malice, avoid lack of forgiveness, don’t shout on each other,don’t keep record of wrong doings of your spouse, avoid telling lies, speak the truth in love, Speak with respect, learn to say I am sorry.
10.PROBLEM HANDLING SKILL: Romans 12:17. We don’t pray for problem but it may come.So we need to prepare for better ways of handling them. Be it financial, job, accommodation, In-laws, health, emergencies, among others, not having the required skill to handle them can rock the boat of any marriage.
11.WORK/LIFE MANAGEMENT SKILLActs 20:35. Work and life go hand-in –hand.So,proper handling skill of it is needed.Learn to work smart and still keep your marriage.Don’t get too engrossed with your job and misuse your life.You need skill on how to balance your relationship between your work and life.
12.STRESS MANAGEMENT: The demand of modern day life  pave way to lots of stress among couples and lack of skill in handling them can lead to conflicts and untimely death. Don’t overburden yourself, learn how to delegate and have enough rest. Philippians 4:6-7
13.HOME MANAGEMENT SKILL: Proverbs 31: 28. Don’t go into marriage without developing your home management skill because marriage will test your home skill ability. Sharpen your skill on home cleaning, arrangements, money management, food cooking and administration and general well being of the whole family.
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