14 Ways to Root Your Teen In Christ – Part 2

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14 Ways to Root Your Teen In Christ – Part 2

Bisi Adewale

14 Ways to Root Your Teen In Christ – Part 2

Many parents that have the privilege of leading their children to Christ do relax after, thinking the job has been done. This is totally wrong. The work of leading a child to Christ is not complete until he is totally rooted in Christ.  Here, let’s talk about getting your child rooted in Christ.

  1. FAMILY DEVOTION: Enforce regular family devotion, morning or evening or both. Set a specific time for it and make sure everyone is involved. It must take place, either you are at home or not.

8. GET MESSAGES: Get good messages of trusted men of God on CDs, DVDs for your child. Put on memory cards; load his phones with the word of God.

9. ENCOURAGE HIM TO JOIN THE FELLOWSHIP ON CAMPUS: Make sure your child join the Christian fellowship on campus. Follow this up closely, because a child that does not serve God on campus will serve the devil there.


10. GOOD FRIENDS: Ensure your child associate with good and Godly friends.

11. BE A FRIEND: Befriend your child and play with him. Make yourself open to him. This will strengthen his confidence in you as he sees you as a trusted friend and not just his daddy. This will make it easy for him to open his heart to you, to discuss the word of God with you.

12. LET YOUR CHILD JOIN THE WORK FORCE: Encourage your child to join the church or fellowship work force; serving God aids spiritual growth.

13. ENCOURAGE REGULAR PRAYER LIFE: Teach your child to have regular prayer time alone with God.

14. ENCOURAGE RETREAT: Encourage your child to have regular personal retreat time. It is a time to be with the Lord alone. This enhances his growth in grace.


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14 Ways to Root Your Teen In Christ – Part 2
14 Ways to Root Your Teen In Christ – Part 2