Fullness Of What You Must Have In Marriage.Part 2

Fullness Of What You Must Have In Marriage.Part 2
Fullness Of What You Must Have In Marriage.Part 2

Fullness Of What You Must Have In Marriage.Part 2

-Bisi Adewale

Fullness Of What You Must Have In Marriage.Part 2

Fullness entails the totality of things you must do to make your home a place to be. It also means things you must give attention to if your marriage must turn around to become what you want it to be.Fullness Of What You Must Have In Marriage.Part 2

You can’t give a half-filled cup of these things and expect a cup-filled with joy, peace and harmony in your marriage. So you must be prepared to give your all, to get all you desire in marriage

4.Fullness of Joy. Joy energizes marriage. You can’t enjoy marriage without joy and that is why I devoted a whole chapter to joy. (Ecclesiastes 9:9)

5.Fullness of Appreciation. Any marriage where the husband and wife are generous with their appreciation will have a great relationship. Appreciate your spouse for everything; be generous with it. Everybody loves to be appreciated; your spouse wants it too, go ahead and do it.

6.Fullness of Attention. The greatest thing you can do for your spouse is to attend to him or her. Fullness of attention leads to loving thoughts and ultimately, joy. Deliberately create time to be with your spouse. Plan about it, talk about it and be creative about it. Let the Lord only be glorified. You cannot really prove to us that you love your spouse if you can’t attend to him or her. Marriage by proxy or pen pals is never the pathway to success. It takes spending time together to make marriage a glorious experience. Spend your time together, let your children go to bed early so that both of you can be together. They are part of your family but they are not part of your marriage. Spend your weekends together; public holidays are opportunities to be together. Plan your annual vacation in the same period. I even suggest you go on “casual leave” from work every four months just to spend that day together. Many couples are intimate strangers; don’t allow your case to be like that.

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7.Fullness of Romance. When fun and romance flourish at home, marriage flourishes. When there is no fun in marriage it becomes boring and tiresome. Couples in love have lots of spontaneous and planned fun. It will not be a surprise to hear that couples experiencing turbulence in their marriage first lost the fun and spark in their marriages. (Song of Solomon 4:1-7)

Get together again, have fun. Let there be romance in that marriage. Play together, touch each other, play games, relax; just do it, be childlike, be together. Don’t turn your marriage into a battlefield. Play and have fun. The acronym FUN means:

F:  Fellowship together. Don’t just be in a relationship, fellowship with your mate. Relationship is a UNION, fellowship is COMMUNICATION. It takes communication to keep the union. In other words, it takes fellowship with your mate to keep your relationship.

U:Unlock your playful side. To have fun, you must play. No matter how tight your schedules are, play is essential. There is a part of you that is playful, unlock it at home. We find it easy to play with our friends and colleagues, but it becomes an uphill task when our spouses are involved. Stop being executive husbands and wives. Genesis 26:8

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N:Navigate life with joy and laughter. Having fun will enable both of you to navigate the ocean of life with joy and laughter. So go ahead, laugh, joke, play, enjoy the moment. Marriage is not a boxing ring. Although, having fun is a critical factor for a happy home, it doesn’t come automatically. You must plan, work it out and make it happen. Always remember that WHEN FUN GOES OUT, LOVE ALSO STARTS TO FADE THEREBY MAKING MARRIAGE DIFFICULT.

8.Fullness of Support. You are partners; you are mates. Yes, team mates. You must learn to support each other at every moment of your life. Give emotional, spiritual, moral, physical and financial support. Your spouse should not feel all alone when you are present. That will be too bad. Give fullness of support to your spouse; let him or her be able to rely on you.

9.Fullness of Sex. Give sex a chance in your marriage; have it to the fullest. Make love, don’t just have sex. Let passion take over your bedroom. Have good creative sex. Improve on it. Put more effort into making your spouse enjoy sex with you and you will end up enjoying it too. Fix your marriage if it is not working well and sexual satisfaction will return. This will eventually lead to a better and romantic marriage. for more on creative sex, get copies of my books: SEXUAL FULFILLMENT IN MARRIAGE, SECRETS OF AN IRRESISTIBLE WIFE AND SECRETS OF AN IRRESISTIBLE HUSBAND


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