Sex is a Transaction

Sex is a Transaction
Sex is a Transaction

Sex is a Transaction

Sex is a Transaction

Got this and thought of sharing it with you.

Sex is a Transaction Sex is a Transaction Sex is a Transaction

Sex is a Transaction
Sex is a Transaction
Sex is a Transaction
How I wish my generation know this truth, they

will be more circumspect with illicit sex…that for every sexual engagement, there is a fundamental EXCHANGE! You give and you take. To nail this truth, let’s examine

“Gen 38:16,18 And Judah turned unto her by the way and said, go to, I pray you, let me come in unto you: And she said what will you GIVE me, that you may come in unto me? And he said what pledge shall I give you? And she said, your SIGNET, and your BRACELETS and your STAFF that is in your hand. And he gave it her, and came in unto her, and she conceived by him.” (Emphasis mine)
From this scripture, you will notice Judah exchanged something to have sex…Signet, Bracelets and staff. This biblical analogy has a spiritual significance: for every sexual escapade either as a man/woman, you lose three things;
Sex is a Transaction
Signet: which signifies your AUTHORITY
Bracelets: which is your BEAUTY
Staff: which is STABILITY         Sex is a Transaction
What looks like fun to you, each time takes your authority, beauty and stability until your life finally lacks grace. It is more than an action, it is a transaction! It may be Fun but its consequence is not Funny! It is neither Cheap nor Free, you handsomely paid for it!
Nothing can be truer than the above short but punchy description of what goes on behind the scenes. You lose those three things each time you compromise on the level of pre-marital sex, adultery or any other form of sexual perversion.
Every time you had a quickie that is misplaced, every time you thought you were having fun, every time you thought you were cheating on your spouse, some part of you actually die.
Let’s look at some of those words:
What PLEDGE shall I give you..?
The Hebrew word is ‘arabon’ taken from a root word which means ‘in the sense of exchange.’
So it was actually an exchange! It was a transaction.
I pray you will not exchange your destiny because of lust! Esau exchanged his destiny over a plate of porridge and the Bible says he sought for it with tears later. We are advised not to be a fornicator, and a profane person like Esau was.
I once heard of a stunningly beautiful lady who had problem with lesbianism and at the same time sleeps with men recklessly. She later confessed that her assignment was to wreck the ministry of pastors and men with glorious destinies. She couldn’t count how many she had slept with and that all the ones she had slept with would never fulfill their ministry and that their life span has been reduced to half!    Sex is a Transaction
SIGNET is ‘chotham chotham’ in Hebrew language and it simply means a seal or a signature ring. It means authority, it also implies, ‘finality’. You rule in this world with authority. When Jesus was leaving his disciples, he gave them authority. It is the mark of your reign on earth; it is the proof of your royalty. And yes, that is what you let go when you desecrate yourself with what would have been rightfully yours in marriage!
BRACELET is ‘pathiyl’ and simply means twine or lace. It represents the dignity and the glory of God in your life. It is a mark of favour that makes you outstanding and beautiful in this sinfully ugly world.
STAFF is ‘matteh mattah’ which figuratively means a tribe, a rod, whether for chastising, ruling as in a scepter, and also means a support of life.

No wonder the devil plays the card of free sex and cheap sex all over the place. No wonder he glamorizes and make sin looks like the usual thing using the dual passage of technology and the media!
Going all the way to expatiate on this is to let you see the implication of compromise. You should know that sex is spiritual and it does not end in the brothel or the hotel, it actually begins! Would it be worth it to exchange the three most important things in your life for some few minutes of pleasure that will bring heartache and untold agony later?
Think On This!!!
Sex is a Transaction
Sex is a Transaction