23 Guidelines to Protect Your Purity in Dating
23 Guidelines to Protect Your Purity in Dating


Bisi Adewale


  1. Pray for him. Prayer is the most potent weapon in your hands to protect the life of your husband. There are some areas you cannot help him, there are some things you don’t know but your prayer will reach them.

  Areas to touch in Prayer:

  • His health
  • His association
  • His conversion
  • His decisions
  • His finances
  • His sexuality
  • His protection
  •  Destroy curses, evil pattern and evil covenant
  • Destroy every plan of enemies against his life
  • Pray against the spirit that drinks, womanise, use drug, indulge in occultism, etc.
  1. Godly Counsel. Sapphira’s failure to offer godly counsel to her husband, Ananias, led to the untimely death of both of them.  Act 5:1-10.

Counsel your husband against shady deals, punishing widows and orphans, wicked character, disobedience to God, failure to pay tithe, fighting against anointed of God etc. These unruly behaviours can spell doom for your family. Never rejoice in iniquity, because when it germinates, you will face the music.

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  1. Be Vigilant. If your husband spends more than his income, goes out with ungodly men, holds nocturnal meetings, receives strange calls, possesses strange objects, has strange marks on his body and you overlook any of these signs; when the problem arrives, you will bear the brunt of it.
  2. No Infidelity. Be totally faithful to him, don’t sleep around. Adulterous wives can easily cause the death of their husbands.
  3. Give Him Peace. Let him enjoy a good home; give him rest. A good marriage can prolong his life.
  4. Cook Balance Diet. Cook balanced meals for him. This will help in the preservation of his health.
  5. Be His Number One Nurse. Make sure he has enough rest, encourage him to exercise, and give room for relaxation. Encourage him to go for medical check-up at least once in a year.
  6. Release Covenant of Protection over Him. Dip him in the blood of Jesus, as you ask God to release His Angels to protect him. Let the fire of Holy Ghost defend your husband; pray for him everyday.
  7. Satisfy him sexually. Do everything possible to satisfy him sexually, never starve him. Don’t give him any room to think of any woman outside; make yourself available. Be creative in the bedroom, be involved, be excited, be a terrific wife. Proverbs 5:14-19
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