How To Reset Your Spiritual-life For a Solid Marriage
How To Reset Your Spiritual-life For a Solid Marriage
Forwarded as received and we feel it is going to be a blessing to all ministers
By: Philip Aryee
1, You don’t discuss your host  with his members.
2, You don’t ask your host members to come see you secretly for prayers
3, You are not to be collecting your host members telephone numbers
4. You can’t be inviting your host members to another church or your next ministrations
5, At least let the host know if someone blesses you, it won’t affect your honorarium.
6, Never come to the city of your host to hold a program without his knowledge
7, Respect and acknowledge the wife or husband of your host.
8. Know the full name of the church
9, Know the full name of the pastor you are ministering for.
10, Call the pastor with his right title
11. You don’t be little the pastor before his members.
12, After your ministrations call the host pastor and thank him for the opportunity to minister in his church.
13, Never complain about any gift(honorarium) given to you with the church leadership
14, Don’t be asking the members of your host to  do shopping for you.
15, Refuse dinner with host members unless the host pastor is invited.
16, No pastor should regret bringing you to his church
17, Never feel the reason why you invited is because you are more anointed than your host.
18, Stay within the time given to you and respect the order of the service
19, If you are a guest artiste invited to sing please don’t say before I sing let me share…(Please don’t preach)
20, Don’t be stressing your host and the protocol assigned to you with unnecessary demands.
21. It is a TABOO to sleep with any member of your host.
22, Don’t use the pulpit of your host to promote yourself.
23, Don’t assume you are allowed to sell books and CDs, ask permission first.
24, Always make it a joyful experience by smiling and don’t insult the congregation.
25, Always be ready to be picked up from your hotel by the time given to you by the host and don’t let them be waiting for long.I HAVE CONCLUDED THAT MOST CHURCH MEMBERS AND MOST PASTORS DON’T HAVE MINISTERIAL ETHICS. LACK OF ETHICS BREAK CHURCHES AND RELATIONSHIPS.