He Uses Crutches,Yet He Wants To Marry Me.Can I ?

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He Uses Crutches,Yet He Wants To Marry Me,Can I ?

He Uses Crutches,Yet He Wants To Marry Me,Can I ?
Dear sir,
I have been in love with Matt for years.
While I was studying Mass Communication, he was the best student in the Department of Communication and Performing Arts of Bowen University, same institution as mine.
Epitome of Excellence, beauty and Godliness
I felt tingling in my heart as he proposed to me last week over a meal at shoprite, RingRoad, Ibadan.
It was a shock, and stammering, I gave a confident ‘yes’
I woke up as early as 4am the following day and sitting up, I stared at the platinum ring he had proposed with the day before- if I don’t wear rings, I could as well admire it and smile happily.
I decided to have my morning devotion.
I knelt down, sang with great enthusiasm.
Then it was time for me to pray with a particular song that I sing everyday.
The lyrics:
Not what I wished to be,
Nor where I wished to go,
For who am I , that I should choose my way
The Lord shall choose for me Its better, that I know
So, let Him bid me go or stay!
It was a bomb! I am by His grace, an ardent listener of His and I know how He speaks to me.
Then I heard Him say:
“Daughter! He’s ur choice, not mine.
If you know my will for you, then you will know Matt is not even up to the half”
I cried! If not Matt, who else in this world? Oh dear God! I was sad!
“I will console you dearie, you will know him in a day. Just pray submissively for hours till your pride and desires die, and mine is upheld in your heart”
Then I poured myself out. Once I became emptied of self, I saw clearly! So clearly and plainly that i wanted to swallow myself. God why?
Why should this happen to me? Why should it be this guy! How could this miserable guy be better than Matt! I am in soup!
I hate to fall into God’s wrath for disobedience but Dave! That Dave! Bro Dave is a new member in our district. I met him at the Iwo Road Tantalizers. He was so cute in his well sown ankara prints. We discussed on and on until he asked me to help him up. I didn’t grab until i saw his right leg, in braces with crutches across the wall. He had a very bad leg. I felt bad for him. His wife would try o! I muttered to myself. Now, the wife is to be me!
I cried bitterly. I bound and cast to no avail. It’s Dave!
The more I cried and covered my ears, the more I saw clearly, so crystal clear.
Its Dave not Matt! What do I do?
If you were the one in my shoes, what would you do? My body tells me: “No”, my spirit says “Yes”!
I have been through the pains and rigours of a temporal bad leg but a seemingly permanent one being my head?!
No! its unimaginable!





Hello Adunni,

I want to assure you that God knows the best for you and all His plans is to give you the best.

The will of God may not be attractive at the initial stage but at latter time; it will surely make you glad and give you comfort.

Don’t let your flesh condemn him because of his physical disability, accept him for who he is as instructed by the spirit.It is very dangerous for you to marry who your flesh is leading you to.Be humble enough to obey the voice of the spirit ,you will be glad you did.

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