Before you can make the most of your parenting; you must understand what parenting is all about. Unless you understand it, you may make a mess of it.
Call or Service. Parenting is a call to serve God by helping Him preserve the next generation. We help Him to raise children of character who will be devoted to populating God’s kingdom. Please don’t fail God in this service. Do it to His glory, do it to His honour, and do it to get a reward.
It is a privilege. It is a privilege to be able to bring forth a child, and it is a privilege to be a father or a mother. Don’t take the blessing of God for granted; make good use of this opportunity and affect the next generation for God.
It is a responsibility. Parenting is a responsibility from God, and He expects accountability. You are going to give account of your stewardship to God.
It will soon be over. The real work of parenting will stop as soon as the child gets married. So work fast, work hard. If you fail to affect your child now, you may not have another opportunity to affect these children.
It is like farming. A good farmer will tell you that weeding is a continuous process. Likewise, helping children to grow better character and removing the bad ones should be a continuous one until they are able to stand on their feet.
It is a joint work. The husband and wife should combine their efforts to raise the children. Please don’t give room for solo parenting, work together to raise children with character who will make you proud.
It cannot be delegated. Parenting is a delegated work from God; you cannot delegate what heaven has delegated to you. Nobody can help you raise your children. Sunday school teachers cannot do it, school or lesson teachers cannot do it, it is your duty, do not outsource it, it is your responsibility.
You will give account: You will give account for the life of that child. Personally, I am against the idea of allowing children to stay with family members (Proxy parenting). Nobody can love your children the way you do. Nobody can pray for your Child like you.
It is rewarding. If you do it well, you will enjoy the labour in life; if you don’t, you will regret it. That is why you need to go all the lenght to do a good job on your children.
It is a 24/7 work.  Parenting is what you do 24/7, throughout the year. You cannot go on leave from it, no vacation; you cannot say you are too tired of performing your role.
It is a duty that must be done if you will rejoice over those children. You are obliged to play your role if you must get a pass mark from the Lord.
It needs God’s intervention. You can’t do it alone; you can’t win the battle without God’s help. Please trust in God to help you raise godly children. Have faith in Him to put His spirit in them; never think your strength can do it, or your wisdom is enough. Do your part and let the Lord water your efforts.
I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase. (1 Corinthians 3:6 KJV)
It needs prayer. Yes, your parenting effort needs prayers. The greatest weapon in your hands is prayer. You can’t be everywhere with your children but your prayer can. You can put angels in charge of them, you can sow righteousness in their hearts, you can control their lives, determine who they will marry all on your knees. Never hesitate to use this awesome power to bring about victory on all sides.
It needs investment of time. Apart from prayers, time is another thing you need as a parent. You need time to train, teach, correct, instruct, chastise and pray for them. You CAN NEVER raise a godly child without expending quality time. A child you don’t stay with is a child you cannot influence or win.
Needs firmness and fairness. If you are too fair to your children, you will not be able to raise children with character. If you are too “firm” with them, you will raise rebellious and stubborn children. The best way to raise godly children is to be fair and firm at the same time, mixing both in the right proportion. When it is time to discipline, don’t hesitate; when it is time to chastise, don’t shy away from firmness. Make pronouncements that will benefit them, command them according to the law of God and stand by it, whether they like it or not.
Play with them, joke with them, listen to them, and answer their questions even if they sound foolish or childish. Enter their world, be their friend; this is what is called “fairness”. Appreciate them when they do well, commend them when they get good results, praise them when they have an angelic performance. Don’t overlook a good result, no matter how little; that is fairness. Rebuke for bad results, correct every mistake even if they don’t like to hear it, make them do what they ought to do at home, take them out of bed by 6:00am to meet up with school bus by 7.00am even if they grumble. Teach them to be early risers, teach them to be disciplined; that is “firmness”.


“Be fair while we play
Be firm while we work
To raise good, great and
godly children, that is the way.”
-Bisi Adewale

Be consistent. Let your children know what you stand for; don’t change the rules while the game is on. Be consistent with your rules, regulations, orders, etc. Please be a good example of whatever you ask them to do.

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