Secrets of Healthy Living (PART 1)


Secrets of Healthy Living      (PART 1)

There is so much talk about healthy living these days. While some people are excited about this trend, some people are just tired of stubborn healthy living ambassadors screaming good health into their sub-consciousness.

Even though everyone wish to live healthy, not many people are actually taking time and chance to do so. If you are sick of being sick or sick of taking care of sick family member(s), you would probably embrace this article and be thankful you indeed come across.

Today, aside accidents, terrorism and natural disasters, most people die unnecessarily from chronic disease such as heart disease, cancer, stroke, kidney and liver dysfunction, neurodegenerative and infectious diseases. Many more people even die from simple diseases such as malaria, typhoid fever, hypertension, diabetes etc all of which are actually preventable and curable.

This article is actually for those that want to live above sickness. Did you just asked if that is possible? Well, yes! It is possible to be free from diseases and sicknesses if you would be willing and obedient, the bible says, you will eat the fruit of the land.

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Without boring you much with preambles, let’s dive into the core of this write up. How can you enjoy good health in 2016?

  1. KNOW YOUR HEALTH STATUS: Good health is not necessarily a state of not being sick. Some people think they are healthy but in actual fact they are not. Your very first step towards healthy living is to know your health status! It is very important that you know your health status, this will make you know what to do and how to do it. You cannot embark on healthy living without first knowing your health status. That will be like a football match without a goal post, it will be boring and tiring. That will mean aiming at nothing and that will not be good. Lot of folks do not know simple health statistics such as weight, height not to talk of blood pressure, sugar level and deeper things like their heart health, kidney function etc. Because most people are not aware of their state of health, underlining health issues degenerates into much bigger problem than they can eventually handle. Sudden death can only occur in cases of accidents, gunshot but not health problem. Most of the chronic health problems today could have been averted some time back.
  2. DRINK ENOUGH WATER: Water is essential to life! Our body is 75% of water and thus requires water to function. Drinking Water Helps Maintain the Balance of Body Fluids.The functions of these bodily fluids include digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature. The body also uses water to cleanse and remove toxins, to lubricate. Regularly drinking water speeds up our metabolism and makes us feel more “full” while promoting good physical, mental, and emotional health.
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NB: Avoid taking very cold water as it has a clotting effect on the blood and other fluids in the body making it difficult for it to circulate.

  1. EXERCISE: The importance of exercise cannot be over emphasized. The tissue cells of which the body is composed require daily stimulation to maintain their elasticity and pliability. If not exercised on a daily basis, they become weak and sickly and begin to malfunction. Most people however do not exercise. Sedentary lifestyle breeds lots of health issues and eventually leads to early death. You must cultivate the habit of exercise in 2016 so as to be alive, fit and smart.

This is where we will stop for part one of this article. There are still some other things you need to know and do in order to stay healthy which we will discuss in the next edition. Till we come your way next time, we encourage you to make up your mind to eat healthy, live healthy in order to enjoy your life. You can reach out to us via our platforms:

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