How To Create A Romantic Bedroom

Sexual fulfillment in marriage
Sexual fulfillment in marriage

How To Create A Romantic Bedroom


How To Create A Romantic Bedroom


How To Create A Romantic Bedroom-Inject some more passion into your married life. It’s these special stolen moments that make for a lifetime well spent. Take the effort to make every night be as special as your first night together. Transform your bedroom into a haven of romance. It doesn’t take a million bucks. All it takes is creativity, and a lot of imagination!

1. Mood lighting is a must. Do you have dimmers in your bedroomNULL If you do, turn the lighting down. If you don’t, switch on the lamps and cover them decoratively with chunnis or scarves. (And try to get dimmers installed. They are well worth the investment!)

2. Alternatively, light up your room with candles. whether it’s floating candles in the bathtub or scented candles in your room, nothing can beat them in forming an instant romantic and sensual ambience.? They also provide mystery. Whatever you do, junk those tubelights. (Ugh!) They don’t deserve to be anywhere other than schools, colleges and hospitals.

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3. Shower your bed with rose petals. They impart a lovely fragrance and are wonderfully romantic. In addition, always keep a vase of fresh flowers around your room. They not only make your room look lovely, they also smell good.

4. Soft music can be very relaxing, but make sure you play only instrumental music. You don’t want to be singing along with your favourite number while he’s getting into the act!

5. Read a good sex-help book. Ignorance is not bliss, at least, not in this case.

6. Pop open a bottle of champagne – it’s time to celebrate. And there’s no better moment to get a little tipsy! Let your hair down and have some fun!

7. Place an artistically arranged basket filled with aphrodisiacs like strawberries, pomegranates and grapes – the fruits of love – in your room. The Oberoi Rajvilas in Jaipur has strawberries dipped in chocolate placed on the pillows.

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8. There are few things more relaxing than a good massage, so give each other a good rubdown. Instead of using regular massage oils, try aromatherapy oils, which can be very soothing.

9. Drape a mosquito net around your bed for a lovely, Victorian feel.

10. Cover your bed with satin bed sheets and satin pillows. Satin sheets are extremely sexy. Pastel colors like pinks are romantic, or if you are extremely passionate, go for red!

There! You’re all set for a magically romantic night. Do this more often, with variations to the arrangements. And remember, the only limit is your imagination. So let it run wild!¬†How To Create A Romantic Bedroom