Overcoming habits that can ruin your marriage

Now that you have discovered many kind of bad habits that exist, you need to go ahead to break bad habits in your life lest it will destroy your marriage. Here, we are going to discuss how to break bad habits.

  1. Determine the habits you must stop. You need to go back to the host of lots of habits in the last chapter to determine which habits you have among them that must go. So become a way of those bad characters.
  2. Write it down. Write some of the habits on paper and their effects on your life, marriage and career.
  3. Make a choice. Make a choice about continuing the bad habits or to live a better life. I know your choice is to live a better life, am I right?
  4. Write down the gains. Write down what you are likely going to gain if those bad habits are dealt with.
  5. List the habits you want to develop. Don’t just write down the habits you want to deal with, write down the ones you want to develop.
  6. One at a time. Take one habits and deal with it, don’t try to focus two at a time you may not be successful in dealing with them together.
  7. Ask God for help. No matter how hard you try, you may never be successful in dealing with your habits without the help of God. So go ahead ask God for help, tell Him you are helpless, the help of God is always at the maximum if we declare our helplessness to Him, His strength is maximum in our weaknesses.
  8. Quit feeding the bad habits. One of the best way to stop a bad habit is to stop feeding it. Yes, strave it to death. If you discover that television is one of the one feeding it, you may quit watching television for now. A man who has his office at home discover that his business is dying because he is always at home and watching too much of television simply destroyed this habit by moving his office out of his house and also refuse buying television in his office, within weeks; he was able to deal with these bad habit. If you discover that your friends are the ones helping you to feed those habits, change your friendship. Those that have bad habits of drunkenness, drug abuse, infidelity, should take note that their friendship most of the time help them to sustain those bad habits. A man who kept on falling into adultery with his securities decided not to employ female secretary and female personal assistance again. According to him, he has been able to keep to his marriage vow in the last 15 years since he stopped employing female secretary.
  9. List areas where you are feeding the habits. Now you need to pick your pen and list areas where you’ve been feeding bad habits and what you are going to do to stop them.
  10. Make “no exception” policy. Don’t give any exception; don’t say I will not go out with so and so friend again except on public holidays. Don’t give room for any exception.

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