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She hit my mail box with screaming mail she titled: AM I MISS OR MRS? I was really curious about the mail, I quickly open it to come face to face with this mail (which I am using with her permission).AMERICAN VISA LOTTERY, DOLLARS AND FAMILY LIFE


My name are Mrs. Or Miss Joke Thompson (not real name). I got married to my husband twelve years ago in a talk of the town wedding at Ibadan, he actually rushed me into a wedding after he won an American Visa Lottery and was about departing to U.S, we stayed together for only two weeks in his father’s house after our wedding before his departure after collecting all my life saving for his upkeep in the united states.AMERICAN VISA LOTTERY, DOLLARS AND FAMILY LIFE

After his departure, he kept on phoning and mailing me regularly for the first four years, it reduced by the time we entered the fifth year until it stop totally by the seventh year but I was still with his parent who seems unperturbed by his failure to call me but I perceive he was still calling them.  At the end of eight year, his parent told me all of us (including them)have to leave the house because they want to renovate it. They cunningly sent me out of the house. I was forced to rent a house outside. I notice they are living in affluence though they are not working despite the fact that they pretend that their son is not reaching out to them and they make me uncomfortable now anytime I visit them.AMERICAN VISA LOTTERY, DOLLARS AND FAMILY LIFE

Sir, I have not heard from this man in the last four years, somebody told me he has married a white woman over there, but people told me I can’t divorce him since we got married in church. I am really confuse; I am now 38years of age, I got married at 25, see me now, no child, no husband, lonely, alone, distressed and depressed.

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Sir, can I divorce this man? Am I really married? Am I a miss or a Mrs?

This is the mail that provokes me to write this piece to warn Nigeria ladies about the danger of getting married to people in the name of Dollars of American lottery.

An average Nigerian lady will get married to anybody in the name of dollar, somebody said “girls” do become become dullards when they hear the word “dollar”. This is very dangerous. A close family friend of mine jilted her lover of five years when she was introduced to a man who came from America asking for a wife after living there for about fifteen years without coming home. The wedding took place within three weeks of meeting each other and the man left two weeks after haven’t impregnated her, it took her another six years before she knew that her so-called husband was already married in U.S to an America “no womb” woman before coming to marry her to make her a baby making machine in Nigeria, though she was fooled she will join him in America. The original wife do call her regularly to tell her how foolish she is, she even demand that she send the picture of her “monkey baby” to her.AMERICAN VISA LOTTERY, DOLLARS AND FAMILY LIFE

Somebody said, “The easiest person to be deceived is somebody that is deceiving himself”. Yes, a whole lots of our ladies are deceiving themselves so they are easily deceived by smart guys who are taking advantage of their  greed for dollars and quest to travel abroad.


Hey ladies! Don’t allow anybody to deceive you, statistics shows that less than 50% of guys who cross the border after joining themselves to ladies here ever return to take their wives abroad. Many women are crying daily because of the abandonment of their husbands, I have two women close to me here, one with 3 children the husband is in U.S, he has not return in fifteen years, he stop communicating five years ago, the other in Spain, he has not communicated his wife in two years, she is left with two children to cater for alone.

It is now common to see guys coming home to raise “baby makers”, after getting married to “dog lover” white woman; who refuse to give birth to children. One young lady was delivered from one of them through her obedient recently. She came to my office to tell me she had found a man she will marry and they will get married in three weeks time because the man came from Thailand and will return in five weeks and later take her with him.

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She told me the man is a single man aged 48, the lady was 26 years. I demanded to see the man but he refused to come, then I told the lady I suspect the man is fake and that he is likely married to a woman that refuse to give birth over there and that he will only marry her here, impregnate her and make her a “married-single” parent and if that is a lie, he should demand to see his passport and other documents because I doubt his singlehood as an African man at 48 who had been working for more than 25years.

When the lady confronted him with this, he confess and ran away from the lady. Needless to say, he eventually got another lady, got wedded within 2 weeks, impregnated the lady, return to Thailand, he never return; that was six years ago.

Arise oh compatriot, wisdom call obey, don’t be deceived; travelling abroad is just a journey, not an achievement.

It is not the way to paradise, it may be away to stagnate your life, don’t jeopardize your future, your life, your plans and your family because of desire to travel abroad, help is from above, not from abroad. Don’t become a dullard because of dollar, don’t say nobody warns you.

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