5 Solid Effects Of Bad Marriage

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5 Solid Effects Of Bad Marriage

By: Bisi Adewale

5 Solid Effects Of Bad Marriage

  1. Health.

Failure in marriage is also known to affect health negatively. Researchers found out that men and women in unhappy marriages suffered from increased stress at work and home. Also higher blood pressure at midday at office was noted, which could raise the risks of a heart attack or stroke. Two recent studies found marital strain to be linked to ulcers in the stomach and intestine. 5 Solid Effects Of Bad Marriage 5 Solid Effects Of Bad Marriage

  1. Performance at work.

A failed marriage can also affect the way an employee performs at work. Many people are known to lose their jobs after the dissolution of their marriages.

  1. Society. 5 Solid Effects Of Bad Marriage 

Marriage is very important in the society. In fact, it is the pillar of the society, government, business, the military and the church. When marriage prospers, the church, family and the nation rises, but when it fails, the family, church and the nation fall. Bad marriages that lead to divorce has long lasting effects on so many people, the church, the nation, our health system, increased crime rate, etc.

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  1. Finance. 5 Solid Effects Of Bad Marriage 5 Solid Effects Of Bad Marriage

A good marriage helps in family prosperity while bad marriages help to destroy it as it affects the ability to think rightly, focus on the job, plan ahead and avoid wastages. When a marriage ends in divorce, it is known to affect both parties involved, women most especially. Apart from these, fighting couples are known to spend a lot of money on litigation as they try to get a divorce and on battles for child custody. They end up enriching smart lawyers while impoverishing themselves in the process.

  1. Spiritual Life. 5 Solid Effects Of Bad Marriage 5 Solid Effects Of Bad Marriage

The spiritual lives of couples battling each other are usually devastated when the marriage fails. Since marriage battles involve envy, resentment, bitterness, malice, vengeance, murderous thoughts and high level demonstration of carnality, there is no way the spirit of God can dwell in that kind of environment. This will affect the prayer life of the people involved thereby opening them up for demonic attacks and put their lives and that of their children in danger.