Putting Romance Back Into Your Marriage
Putting Romance Back Into Your Marriage


Bisi Adewale

WONDERS OF TRANSPARENCY MARRIAGE Bisi Adewale WONDERS OF TRANSPARENCY MARRIAGEWomen want their husbands to love them,care for them and be their best friends. But most Women are not having it cool with their husbands. Why? because they have not read this piece “49 simple steps to win your husband”
you can win your husband and totally captivate him,ravish him and make him your own,making him to love and celebrate you,may be even worshiping you. all you need are these 49 simple tips to win your husband.
With these you can be in charge of the heart of your husband. Men are matured baby,if you give him your best,you become his friend,confidant and lover but to make him happy you must know these simple tips to win your Husband,you cant just joke with them.They may look too simple but try them and see,lover boy coming out of your husband. They are:
1) Be a good dresser,look nice,charming,great,adorable,touchable. Let him be proud of you.
2) Be a bedroom expert,give him your all,don’t let Motherhood kill romance in your bedroom,be a lover girl.
3) Dress sexy when you are alone with him
4) Cook nice meals for him,Men love food
5) Make the house neat and cool
6) Defend her before your parents and friends who may not like him
7) Appreciate him in the public as your leader,mentor and father.
8) Scrub his back when he bath or even bath him,why not
9) Laugh to his dry jokes even if you are hearing it the tenth time
10) Listen to his story even if is dry and drab.
11) Appreciate his look
12) Buy him socks
13) Buy him pants
14) Buy him nice shoes
15) Don’t nag
16) Buy him nice clothes
17) Date him
18) Play with him
19) Call him pet names
20) Stop shouting when you are angry with him
21) Don’t fight his Mum,show her love,your husband still loves her.
22) Tell the Children he is the best Dad in the world
23) Massage his body regularly,let his bones relax.
24) Enjoy Cuddling him just for the fun of it
25) Brag about him in his absence but in the presence of those that will tell him.
26) Be interested in his purpose and career
27) If he fails assure him of your love and respect
28) Call him in the office just to ask how he is faring
29) Get him little gifts you know he  will need
30) Get him clippers,saving blade,after shave
31) Give him your best at all time
32) Tell him he is handsome
33) Don’t pass code your phone.
34) Assure him he is your champion
35) Visit him in the office
36) Take charge of your sex life,be aggressive,be daring with him and be creative.
37) Put his picture in your office
38) Make his picture your screen saver on your laptop
39) Make his picture your screen saver on your phone
40) Call him just to pray for him
41) Be totally faithful to him
42) Be totally transparent to him
43) Respect him with all your heart.
44) Give room for regular and tantalizing sex
45) make sure he enjoys sex with your
46) Appreciate him after sex
47) Be creative about sex
48) Buy him special gift regularly
49) Hold his hands in the public


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