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SEXUAL SINS X-RAY-Sexual immorality is a slow destroyer, killer and waster of precious destiny.
We’re therefore fooling ourselves if we claim to be ignorant of its havoc in the life of many Christian. Many fire brand “jimjim” believers have been relegated to the “grass” their spiritual life can be compared to iced water.

Now, let us look at the causes of these weapon of destruction, or the avenue through which it operate in the body of Christ. SEXUAL SINS X-RAY

They are:

(1) THE POSITION OF POWER: A prayer champion leader or a Sunday school teacher is viewed as an authority & authority always bring power & influence. Active Christian services in the church bring serious temptation & hazards that can destroy our relationship with God, our ambition, ministry & church. Those in position of power attracts people’s attention. They care, listen, counsel and that draws many to them. They get involved in the lives of others some times in unholy ways. Most leaders are men and 80% of those that come for Counseling and help are Sisters. Most of the Sisters have deep emotional needs, the situation is compounded by lack of self control among some people. NEVER ABUSE THE POSITION YOU’RE OCCUPYING BUT IF YOU DO, DEMOTION WILL GIVE YOU DISGRACE AND DISGRACE WILL WELCOME YOU TO DESTRUCTION. Be warned!

(2) SINFUL THOUGHTS: As a Man thinketh in his heart, so is he – Pro. 23:7 sexual sins is not a sudden event or action. Before any move towards sin, the experiment will have taken place in the laboratory of the heart which is the capital territory of man. EVIL THOUGHT LEAD TO EVIL ACTION. This happens as a result of entertaining of immorality and negligent of meditation of God’s word, worship and prayers. GOOD THINKING GUARANTEES RIGHT LIVING. Our thoughts are the fabrics with which we weave our character and destiny. So, we must actively fight against impurity thoughts now! SEXUAL SINS X-RAY

(3) LUST: Is a strong sexual desire. It’s the mother of fornication and it’s rampant among single brothers and sisters and at times married too. It is a Bondage! It enslaves a lot of brothers and sisters to the extent that they lust in churches, home and social gatherings. So, desist from it today. IF YOU ENTERTAIN LUST, YOU WILL GET LOST! It destroy one’s fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Say no to lustful suggestion!

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(4) UNGODLY DRESSING: The mode of dressing of some Christians nowadays is not different from prostitute. The use of “body hugs” “spaghetti” “see- through clothes” mini and micro mini skirts” that exposes your body, you are telling the devil that you’re its vessel and you’re telling the whole world that you’re a sex hawker and that you’re not responsible.

(5) PEOPLE PLACES: Exposing yourself to where immorality takes place will propagate the thoughts of sexual activities in you while friendship with fornicators will teach you how to damage the temple of God in you. I Cor. 6: 18-20, WHICH TYPE OF FRIEND DO YOU KEEP? and WHERE DO YOU SPEND YOUR LEISURE TIME? PAUSE & THINK! Speaking in tongues can’t do that for you. It’s your duty to flee from, such people & environment so, RUN!

6. PORNOGRAPHY: This is one of the major weapon that the devil is using to disconnect many christians from having fellowship with the Holy Spirit. This weapon is MADE IN HELL FIRE & MODERNIZED BY THE DEVIL TO SUIT MODERN DAY CHRISTIANS. Romans 8:8-11. Its agents are: films, internet, magazines & books that shows the picture of nude men & ladies. Some born again Christians have pornographic magazines in their bedroom while some still watch blue films late in the night or when they are alone. If you love any of these agents, devil will destroy your prayer life and turn your heart into a dumping ground for lust & fornication.

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7. RELATIONSHIP WITH OPPOSITE SEX: Most relationship that start on spiritual grounds always end in immorality. If you look forward to your appointment with him/her in a special way or you walk with your head high or you feel big when seen with her in public. BEWARE! SIN IS AT YOUR DOOR. Some can even cancel appointments with other church activities to meet with him/her. lf you’re in this shoe, BEWARE!! SEXUAL SIN IS ABOUT TO CREEP IN. Many brothers are D.S.A. i.e. Director of Sister’s Affairs. Such brothers counsel Sisters only, No room for brothers. Please, better to have a well guided defined godly relationship with the opposite sex.SEXUAL SINS X-RAY

(8) MASTURBATION: Its movement to the land of destruction is slow and its killing many spirit filled “tongue talking” Brethren secretly. It thrives on secrecy but exposure is the remedy. This is an act of using one’s hand to stimulate one’s sexual organ until sexual enjoyment is achieved.

Medically, it will destroy you psychologically i.e., your mind, spiritually, it will damage your body (The temple of God) STOP THIS ILLICIT HABIT TODAY!. or else it will suspend the Holy Spirit, issue a divorce bill to God and nail the Lord Jesus to the cross once again.

9. SPIRITUAL FATHERS & DAUGHTERS SYNDROME: The devil in its craftiness has devised this means in order to eradicate holiness from the body of christ. Many brothers in the church’ today have spiritual daughters which have led to their down fall since their closeness has no limitation. IS SHE YOUR DAUGHTER IN THE LORD OR DAUGHTER ON YOUR BED? Some married men/brothers will stay in the same room with their daughter in the Lord behind closed door for many hours, even late in the night and before they know it, lust & infatuation will set in. So many teenagers (sisters) were deflowered due to carelessness. BE CAREFUL LET YOUR RELATIONSHIP BE BASED ON GOD’S PRINCIPLES ALONE. Control your eyes (Job 31: 1). REMEMBER, THE MOST ANOINTED MAN IS STILL A MAN.SEXUAL SINS X-RAY

10. STINKING MEMORY: One of the things that sustain sin is remembering the past sinful actions. Paul said ‘forgetting the things that are behind” Isaiah said “Remember not the former things”. Moses said “go forward” IF YOU DON’T ALLOW YOUR PAST SINFUL HABIT TO BE PAST, YOU WILL PASS AWAY WITH IT! Some brethren still spend hours thinking about how they committed sexual immorality when they were unbelievers but now as born again Christians they still enjoy the flashback of those sinful actions. PLEASE STOP NOW OR ELSE YOU WILL BE WOUNDED AND YOU MAY NOT RECOVER FROM IT UNTIL YOU GET TO HELL FIRE!


To be candid, sexual sins destroy slowly, it’s a giant killer, it destroys vision & it shatters dreams. Although, it’s now in vogue BUT PREFER TO BE CALLED A FOOL AND GO TO HEAVEN THAN TO BE A “FAST GUY” AND GO TO HELL. STOP DIGGING YOUR GRAVE!

Sexual sin, five seconds enjoyment will destroy your destiny and sell you out to destruction eternally. Please flee from it. The devil is after you!! 1Pet.5:8

OBA SAMUEL is a family and relationship coach.A seasoned speaker in singles and couples conferences.Happily married to his queen-Oluwakemi;a babe of rare qualities and they are blessed with Tripple G children.Connect me on Twitter @PastorOba .E-mail: