As a man, you are not permitted to just be the husband of your wife; you should be more than that. You must not be what is known as the “traditional husband” doing conventional duties of men. Rather, you should be an exceptional husband, affecting lives and souls for God.

  1. A father. You should be a father to your wife and children. Handle your wife with care as if she is your first daughter. Don’t expose her to assaults from anybody.
  2. A Provider. You must be ready to provide for the needs of your family; create the right avenue to make them comfortable. An irresistible husband does not stop at providing the basic needs; he is also a giver. A giver gives gifts to his family, blesses them and makes them happy.
  3. A good Leader. You are the head of your family; you are not supposed to be the “headache”. You should lead not rule. You should love not lord. Lead in love; influence your family positively.
  4. Create a stable atmosphere in your home; be a pillar of support for your wife. Don’t be moved by things around you; be moved by the Holy Spirit.
  5. A Lover. The best thing you can be to your wife is a lover; not just her husband but also her lover. Be loving, intoxicate her with love no matter how old your marriage is.
  6. A Minister. Minister to the needs of your family, both physically and spiritually. Don’t be a monster, be a minister. Defend and protect your family.
  7. A Priest. Represent your family before God; bring them before the throne of mercy. See to the spiritual well-being of your home. Be the ‘resident pastor’ who ensures that the family altar remains strong, vibrant and consistent. Create time for Bible study and be the ‘Christ tutor’. All your children must be led to God at a tender age.
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